Tarot and Reading

  • I've been reading tarot for almost a year now, though I started years ago using playing cards. I've read for friends dealing with different issues in life. I never ask what their question is until the very end of the reading as my way of proving that I can read the cards, interpret it without the influence or idea of what their issue actually is. So far, my readings were quite right as they say.

    Funny thing is, I cannot do a reading for myself. Once I layout the cards, my mind goes blank. I don't know what the cards are trying to tell me. I find it easier to read for other people. Isn't it a good practice to do readings for yourself?

    I've always wanted to read for others online as practice, but I am afraid.

    Has anyone encountered similar experience?

  • @raspberrygirl
    I have given up as I cannot understand how to interpurate the cards meanings. I have problems even understanding what is being said with the computer generated tarot found on this site.

    So while it seems that others can read for themselves, I love it that you can read for others.

    Question: what do you mean by playing cards?

    take care

    It is now the year of the earth pig and I hope I will be a good year for you in every area of your life.

  • @mary-grace it's good that you know the basic meaning of each tarot cards for starters. It would be a great help if you will assign a certain nick name to represent each card for example, home for ace of cups. Whatever works for you. Once you get used to it, reading a group of cards will be easy. Interpreting it comes easy as well. I always base my readings for others based on the first, bottom and quint cards as these are the greatest clues of what the sitter's concern is all about. At least, that's how it works for me whenever I read for others. By now, I read cards based on what comes to my mimd when I see the cards, not what is based on its traditiinal meaning. Further listening to my intuition if what I thought feels right. It is just sad that I can't do this, or read this way for myself. It's like I am attempting to read an ancient language and not able to decipher its meaning.

  • @raspberrygirl
    so sorry

  • @raspberrygirl
    thank you so much for the information

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