What does he think about me?

  • I went on one date with a man named Dan recently, and want to know what he thinks of me, where I stand, his current situation and what's to come for us in the future.

  • @ariespiscesaquarius hiya maybe @MoonraizSunset can do a reading for you?

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, I think we can do the reading on our own too?

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  • Captain, I need your help. We went on two dates and on our 2nd date he says he really likes me. He has not reached out to me in a month since then... what gives?

  • @ariespiscesaquarius, please state both your birthdates.

  • @thecaptain I’m 04/16/1985 born in San Francisco, California and he is 05/25/1976 born in Seoul, Korea

  • @ariespiscesaquarius, the two of you should initially have quite an exciting time, but the tempo will inevitably slow as you get to know each other. You like Dan's intelligence and wit while he likes your passion and vibrant energy. But Dan has a need for constant change and variety, so you would have to be understanding about this and not try to confine him in any way or pin him down if you want the relationship to do well. It’s important that you don't act all aggressive or angry either, if you don't want to create problems with Dan who likes his partner to be smart, communicative and lively, but not talk too much about or show feelings and strong emotions. You also like your freedom so perhaps you can compromise on some things.

    Dan though may have difficulty remaining faithful to you and this is the one thing you will have little sympathy for - if he doesn't remain faithful after you both commit, then it will be time for goodbyes. Dan can be quite ungrounded emotionally, just like you. But he will need to be open and honest and not put on a fake front if he is to impress you and keep you around. He will also change his mind a lot so you won't be able to rely on him because he won't stick to what he says he will do, jumping from one idea or plan to the other. He will often be less than punctual as well. He can be very detached and absent when making love, and you won’t like this at all. This is why you will need to be both understanding and flexible if you really want a relationship with Dan. Yet he can be very loving and supportive and, if you are sincere with one another, you will be able to put everything that makes you different aside.

    On the plus side, you both have a sense of humour and are capable of keeping one another intellectually stimulated. Because you are both active and you both like to be challenged, you can be very happy as a couple. There will still be ups and downs, however. Though he does love to talk, Dan may annoy you or even hurt your feelings by tossing ironic or sarcastic barbs (especially over your beliefs) into any debates that you may have. You two do think differently about a lot of things, from love and romance to life in general. But when it comes to his own feelings, Dan can find it hard to open up, even coming across as cool or aloof at times. He can be too serious for his own good too; he needs to make sure he incorporates plenty of fun into all his relationships - love and friendship - to keep them alive. If he has ever found himself disappointed in love, he will tend to blame himself and his lack of judgment. He needs to understand that, in the world of feelings, sometimes the heart can be stronger than the head.

    Eventually, if you two can stick it out, the relationship should settle down into something quite stable. Actually, this year Dan will be looking for a more settled life and domestic bliss and may even marry if he feels he has met 'the one" (though he is never quite sure he has)..

  • @joynumber How can we do the reading on our own?

  • wow, 2 dates ....you must really be into him already. I see this as being only a good friendship for now, IF he contacts you again. I don't feel he will tho. Could be he is out with other girls - playing the field because he likes variety and is still looking.

    most guys - when they like someone let it show thru their words, actions, and staying in contact, and making more dates. They are excited to be with you and flutter all around you like you are a special gift to them.

    If your guy has the personality and attitude your reading mentioned
    then its going to get tired real soon trying to please him, understand him and put up with his nonsense. I say move on. he's too much into himself ...too many cultural differences ...and he's too much of a player at this time.

    *** yes, you can do your own readings .... buy a book or borrow at library or look online for meanings, interpretations, spreads and then practice.

  • @ariespiscesaquarius if a man is into you he will do anything in his capacity to be with you and make you feel special. This man is certainly not interested. Remember if a man doesn't contact you after dates then you should move on. If he likes you then he will come around other wise you are wasting your time and energy.

  • Is this really about Dan and how he feels about you or actually about you and your fear that you may not be attractive/good enough?

  • @thecaptain he can get anyone he wants. He’s rich, famous, good looking and can get along with anyone. I knew going in I wasn’t the only one he was dating but I decided may the best woman win. I did tell him I would be traveling 2 weeks in March for work, moving, and going through rigorous training and would not be available in March. Even though he knows I’m busy this month, a simple text or call to know he’s still around would have been appreciated. He looks at my Instagram stories I post, yet doesn’t reach out. Then I see he reactivated his dating profile after deactivating it 2 days after our date. He knows my birthday is coming up and if I don’t hear anything by then, I’m over it. Yes I’ve known of him and liked him for over a decade and know his celebrity facade. I know we have much in common in terms of taste and culture but he doesn’t know me well enough given we have only had 2 dates.

  • @ariespiscesaquarius gurl you need to date other men too dont just sit around waiting for him. If he truly likes you he will come around and will do anything to be with you. Don't torture yourself thinking of him. I see too many RED FLAGS here.
    There are lots of men out there who will appreciate your feelings. Good luck.

  • @anon-undertaker-0 I have two backup dates lined up (one tonight) and I’m not happy about it. I still run my life as usual but can’t help but feel very led on and like a toy tossed on the side now. I’m more upset since he stole a kiss from me and I do not kiss on the second date but he was very persistent about it. I feel like I gave up my values and for him and it’s nothing serious for him. I am very disappointed to say the least and upset with myself for letting him kiss me when he doesn’t deserve it.

  • yes, you should be dating others all the time, even if you are interested in only one in particular ...just for this reason.

    WHAT! You have a date and your not happy about it? Then why do it? The whole purpose of dating is to have a good time and get out for awhile. It isn't marriage - its someone to pal around with for a few hours.

    So "mr wonderful" is the total package and knew he was a player. That's asking for trouble from the start ...sounds like you like a challenge and to gamble. And your upset with yourself knowing it was a big risk? Sheeeezzzz, really? No wonder people have a hard time trusting/relating to each other any more with all the mind games they play.

    One thing to ponder ... he could have lost your contact information. I doubt it ....but possible ... and two, he could think you are not back in town. On your facebook or instagram, etc you might post your back in town .... or even say "where" your going to be at
    on a certain day and time....

    THEN if you get no contact .... move on baby.

  • @ariespiscesaquarius he sounds like a player TBH. A man who respects you will never ever do this to make you compromise your values. Gurl mark my words players are very charming and irresistible. He sounds like a typical one who keeps beautiful woman around for EGO boost plus a NARCISSIST. I bet he has a HAREM. Don't get played in his hands any more unless he makes some kind of commitment. Hold your head high and leave him. You go on dates and keep yourself busy. Meet guys. I am sure you will get a good guy who will love you and respect your feelings.❤

  • @ariespiscesaquarius if you are not happy going on a date then dont go,dont force yourself to do things you dont want to do but then again you are missing out opportunities.. Your head is stuck on a player which is not a good thing gurl. You really need to move on,he is not good for you.

  • Update: The following two dates I had after him were a bust because my heart wasn’t into it knowing full well these men were not who I really wanted. One of them was very handsome and seemed like a nice man, but I wasn’t feeling it.

    He hasn’t contacted me even on my birthday on April 16th nor have I reached out to him. I’ve come to terms with it, and have moved on though not currently dating as I haven’t found anyone that has caught my eye. He gives me a constant reminder of him because he looks at every single Instagram story I post but does not reach out (he knows I can see who viewed my stories). I don’t know why he would even bother since it’s clear his lack of action says he is not interested in me anymore and it’s a bit annoying. Why should he have access to my life events when he’s not making an effort to be in my life? I’m not ballsy enough to block or delete him either.

  • @ariespiscesaquarius so you still have hopes for this guy?

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