Is it true about love and life long relationships?

  • This is a philosophical question not a personal issue, ty.

    I came across the following information and wondered what you all thought.
    "Everyone has a chance that one will have someone one can spend the rest of ones life with.
    Love on the other hand isn’t something one find. It is something one earn. Also there is no such thing as just one person one is supposed to be with. A long-term relationship is not destiny. It’s just something most humans feel compelled to do.
    One need to stop focusing on finding someone, and start focusing on oneself.
    Look at what one did wrong in ones past relationship(s)? What can one do to improve oneself to be a better partner? To find the love one is searching for in oneself, and then find someone you like"

    Ok everyone how does one find the love one is looking for in oneself? What is meant by that?

    TY for your help.

  • @mary-grace The definition of love and relationship varies from person to person.Some believe in eternal love,soulmate love and some dont. Like wise some people want monogamous relation and some dont. I have seen many people single yet happy and some married and happy vice versa I have seen uhappy singles and unhappy married couples. Some stay single because they are unable to find a suitable partner and some people stay unhappily married due to social pressure or for kids. Whatever it is I dunno but from our childhood we are fed with beliefs and stories of Love/ prince charming/ happily ever after blah blah. But reality is so much different. Relationships are really really hard work. I have also came across couples who were madly in love with each other before but now they cant see eye to eye. One thing I have learned is nothing is permanent in this world. Everything is a lie.

    Yes loving oneself is the greatest key to happiness and positivity. Unless and untill you love yourself you wont attract positive people towards you.
    In our young age we tend to take wrong decisions and make bad choices but as we grow up and become mature we know what is right and wrong for us. ❤

  • @anon_undertaker
    wow what a brilliant answer

  • @mary-grace Thank you dear.❤

  • @mary-grace I forgot to mention one thing in my post and that is - some people prefer to stay single by choice also. They prefer it that way only. These are the type of people who do not feel the urge to be with some one. I really admire their strength. It takes immense courage to do that.❤

  • The Law of Attraction advises you to put out your request for love to the Universe only once and from then on, expect it to happen. If you are continually longing and wishing for that special someone, you are actually saying "I don't believe it will happen, so I will just keep on wishing for it." Thus you cancel out your chances of getting what you want. Instead, be happy and content with the expectation of what you want coming to you. Unhappiness and frustration implies that you have no faith in the ability or desire of the Universe to grant your wishes. If you have to wait a bit, well, isn't what you want worth waiting for? Do you just give up on your dreams if they don't happen immediately?

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