Any Tips For A Newcomer To Tarot?

  • Hi, I'm Fynn, I got my first tarot deck (the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti) two months ago and my first crystal (a quartz) two days ago. I've slept with the tarot under my pillow, and have been trying to associate myself with the cards, and I bathed my Quartz in moonlight, but is there anything else I need to know? Or any tips that could be helpful moving forward with tarot?

  • Welcome to the Tarot Realm...
    There are some amazing sites and info for Tarot... Start with creating a Tarot Journal where you record daily readings, any info you gain from choosing one card and looking at the card and writing down all what you see, and feel about that card .. look at the character, the colours, how the card makes you feel... What info resonates from the book that came with the deck... ..!0_1550889519288_00.jpg

    Describe the Fool ... a Juggler with his foot through a hoop and what appears to be a baton with ribbons that are multicoloured. He appears to be juggling the Zodiac signs with the full moon behind him. wearing a three pointed hat bells attached, coloring the top part of his face (a mask) Blue with yellow stars palms on both hands facing up wearing gloves matching his vest knee high pants yellow and blue .. stocking legged .. blue slippers on his feet .... ..

    Now take a moment to look again at the card and close your eyes and step into the card.... speak to the Fool and listen to his message.... What does he say? How does it make you feel?

    this is a great way to learn each card, it may take awhile but I found it really helps with any new deck I get.

    Things you can do also it to write out The Fool's Journey as he travels through each suit .. what does he do? who does he speak to? What does he see and touch, smell and hear?

    lay out any three cards and write (tell) a story about what you see and how they interact....

    Check out all the information on this site....and the articles written about Tarot ....Write down what resonates with you ...

    Hope this helps you as you move ahead on your Tarot journey ...

    Take Care

  • @hekatesxing
    very good information.