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  • Hello! I'm Izzy and I believe that fate has brought you to this forum. I offer you a free in depth reading on a question of your choice. Please help me earn more experience of cold readings! I have 2 years of experience with real life tarot readings for my friends and family and am looking to expand.
    please respond to this with your questions! best wishes to you all ❀

  • Hi C'estLeDestine ty for the offer
    I am retired because of health reasons so do not need employment or career help ty.
    my question is
    Will there be any good and or positive happening for me between now and Dec 2020.? How can I add those things to happen?
    Thank You again.

  • @c-estledestine Hello Please can you do a reading for me? I just want to know what this year will bring for me? Overall regarding my ROMANCE in married life, finance and HEALTH of my hubby?I am a bit worried about his HEALTH and Is there any chance of me getting pregnant? Thank you in advance. ❀

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  • Thank you all for replying I will do the readings later tonight!!
    πŸ™‚ x

  • @c-estledestine Thank you❀

  • @jayann the first card I pulled the sun which represents daylight and good things. Vitality, love warmth and even wealth. This is a strong positive answer good things will come your way! As of how to get these to come your way I pulled ten of swords which is a highly negative card representing loss and crisis. It also means exhaustion and completion, the bad is done now so you must wait for the good to return. Think positive thoughts and rest well is what the cards have told me you must do and the future will be bright for you!
    I cannot say exactly what will go positive but I can make a guess as the third card I pulled was to specify what great thing was to come and it was four of pentacles which symbolises Stability, strength and security. Between now and December 2020 you will find great harmony and balance.
    Much love x

  • @anon_undertaker OMG I am so sorry for my late reply. The websitebjust crashed and lost all my writing!!! I’ll try and summarise what the cards said.
    Once again I’m sorry this is not very in depth as I am doing based of memory.

    As for hubbys health something inwards will be brought outwards and manifestations of something. Also there is a blockage in creation/creativity. This could point to the chakra in the lower stomach so look for intestinal problems.

    Next is romance there is change here but you will both be able to cope with any adversity if you take much needed rest and calm down.

    Finally a baby
    I cannot give a definitive answer as I remember distinctly I had an instinctual feeling that yes you will get pregnant. But I drew cards representing loss. So my advice can only be to work hard and have teamwork with your hubby. Things will turn out positive after you have gone through the negative is what the cards told me. πŸ™‚

    Much love x

  • @alenabrz generally about your future.
    I kind of listened to what you said however drew a 3 card spread to represent
    Your past present and future. I hope this is okay but will help me find out what comes in your future. πŸ™‚
    Past: six of cups in the past is the inner child nostalgia and innocence. This is a good card to have as it means you are dealing with whatever grievances are in your past.
    Present: the devil representing something restricting you from good things. It could be addiction of some form or bad coping mechanisms.
    Future: five of cups is grief adversity loss and bereavement but this might not be a person dying it could be the loss of those things that hold you back
    Hope this helps x
    The future it’s always changeable in a way and the universe always does what is best for you
    Much love

  • @c-estledestine Thank you so much for your reading. Have a nice day. ❀

  • Thank you @C-estLeDestine !

  • Could I request a reading for 2019, especially since this my birth month? Love reading would be nice.

    Thank you 😊

  • @c-estledestine
    so sorry to hear about the computer problems.
    so kind to reply with information remembered.

  • @c-estledestine
    Thank you very much for your excellent reading.
    It is very up-lifting and informative.
    The reading has made a very good beginning for the Chinese year of the PIG.
    Take care

  • @c-estledestine

    hi my name is stacy.I would love and soo appreciate a free tarot card reading .How do i go about getting one

  • @c-estledestine
    hi this is stacy i wod so appreciate and love if you could give me a free tarot card reading i guess if i only had 1 question to ask you it would be Will me and my boyfriend of 11years ever get back the live we once had. Please know im goin threw a personal struggle and thats the only reason we lost that special love we once had that lasted for soo very long

  • @c-estledestine I could really use your help. My boyfriend and I got into an argument and hes threatening breaking up with me ? And I feel like he's threatening me with breaking up with me, so easily over what happened. And I would like a tarot reading on our relationship, if possible. Im worried we arent going to work out. I really love him. I dont know what to do.

  • @C-estLeDestine Today is summer solstice. I am really hoping you can do a reading that can tell me what the next 6 months will bring for me? Many things are changing in my life, I am not sure which are right moves and which are wrong.
    Thank you solo much!

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  • @C-estLeDestine Hi! Do you still do free readings?