Have I lost my taurus

  • Met Taurus 9 month ago n we both wanted relationship it was amazin n we was both happy how it was goin after 5 wk we began a relationship but after 2 wks he pulled out sayin to soon so we went bk to how we was then after 12 wks he said he was goin workin in London which I've since found out it was a disapearin act he said respect his decision n give him space so I did then 2 wk later he msg me askin how I was what I'd liked bout how we was then 3 wks later he came to c me n said he didnt want relationship but casual just us no one else in the first 12 wk he told me he loved me n had feelings for me then when he came bk after the 5 wk away he said this isnt what am really like was stand offish with me wudnt hold my hand wasnt as cuddly as bfore id pushed him to b together proper as I cudnt get y he wanted go slow when it was amazin I wrote him a letter tellin him my feelings n he came c me I told him id rushed him cos I just wanted him to b mine so then he changed it to the caual just us is he telling me something here then I've asked him if it will go to anything hes said not yet no n maybe I'm confused he gave ma a love bite last time I saw him I know that's possession not seen him now for 9 wks I've msg him sayin I understand now I've realised hes a Taurus I've told him il show him I'm sorry prove I wont do it again n show him how much I love him n I need to c him told him I'm committed to him wont leave him or cheat on him I'm in this forever hes not replied we spoke for 2hrs on 2 seperate nights over xmas n he wished me happy new yr n said hed be intouch in new yr as hes busy hes a chef works long hrs I miss him in the beginnin he said wed always b ok have I lost him or can we sort this out I dont wanna loose him I love him so much how do I get him to come c me cant go his house he lives with his parents so feel bit helpless but if he doesnt want this no more y is he still with me

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