Will he come back

  • My boyfriend of nearly 5 years asked for a break, i love him dearly and truly thought we were happy and still dont see anyone in my future , his teenage daughter never liked the situation blamed me for the divorce and in the end he chose to concentrate her getting her through uni . I so hope we get a chance to concentrate on us . Does anyone have any thoughts on this, im a pisces and he is a Sagittarius.

  • Can you post the actual birth dates?

  • @tinkerbell ask @MoonraizSunset for a relationship reading

  • @thecaptain mine is 23/02/76 HIS WAS 21/12/65 Thank you.

  • @tinkerbell the focus of this relationship (and usually its biggest problem), is finding a point of reference or standard of behaviour that both of you can recognize and share. Often split in your belief systems, the two of you can have great difficulty reaching agreement on most major issues. In the personal realm, probably the greatest difference between you is that you Tinkerbell are in need of attention and approval, while your BF does not expect approval and would often prefer to do without it. This makes him much the stronger partner in many ways, and he will usually be able to win out in any personal struggles between you. This comparison, however, also indicates that you tend to operate by socially accepted norms of behaviour more easily than your BF does. Through his mental and emotional isolation, he can become a law unto himself. Thus the struggle inherent in this relationship can centre on whether it should orient itself toward other people (easier for you) or more or less isolate itself and seek its own values (easier for him). It means that his reasons for breaking up with you are not really about his family, but about himself and what he wants - his freedom and independence. He will not be aware of hurting your feelings, or of alienating you with his uncompromising stance. On the other hand, he does find it difficult to handle your moods, your neediness and your flightiness. He also has an intense need for variety. Your love affair may be quite intense and passionate, but your shared unwillingness to make fundamental changes in your personalities and different needs does not augur well for marriage or a long term commitment here.

  • @tinkerbell you need a relationship reading especially after reading what @TheCaptain wrote. good luck and hugs.🤗 🤗

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