What are you grateful for?

  • I remember for years we had a long running Gratitude thread. It was a good place to see familiar bloggers pop up and it had a positive vibe for sharing. Hope others join in. It's interesting how our gratitude changes at times.. Right now I am most grateful all my parts are still working. I'm not blind! I don't have dementia and I have a home and I don't need a job yet. The lights are on and I have HEAT. My loved ones are all breathing. I don't know about tomorrow but this moment, right now, I am blessed!

  • Oh, I am grateful for just everything! My continually improving health, that I live in a peaceful place and not a war or disaster or disease zone, that I am loved, and have family and friends and animals around me, a fulfilling purpose, and help when I need it from the Universe..

  • that life seems to give me many “mirrors” and friends in strange places.

  • I am grateful for all those things that God has given me. For everything actually. I am grateful for a family that loves me and sticks with me through thick and thin. I have food on my plate,clothes to wear,a place I call home. A purpose to live. My cats. Peace of mind.Thank you God.

  • I'm grateful for discovering the comfort and power of prayer. And a spirituality that is alive. And that even though things are overwhelming, unstable and I am barely hanging in there most of the time, that I don't feel as alone anymore.

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    reading these grateful posts I can't help but notice a common blessing. Despite any earthly events or challenges I can feel the power of faith at work. A knowing that something higher has our back! A realization that we all surrender to the unknown as needed. My Angel card pulls for the last few days have been messages of reminder of divine presence around me. Including the Goddess presence, God presence and Angel presence. Today I was reminded to keep an eye on nature surrounding me and that for the next few weeks unusual events observed in nature would show up! Love this kind of message! I am grateful the universe speaks to me and feeds my faith. OH, the last three days an owl has been hootie hooing hello. They are common at night but this one is voicing during the day!