Cancer man left prices wife

  • So, I’ve been married to my cancer husband for a year and 5 months. He is overly protective and insecure when it comes to me talking to guys. I told him that I had a male best friend when we got married and he asked me to stop talking to him. I didn’t. He went through my test messages and found texts from him. Of course nothing but friendly conversations about work and our lives. He couldn’t handle it and left for four days and came back after we talked to a mediator. I said I was going to stop. I didn’t. A mo th later he goes through the Phone bill and finds calls from my friend. He feels so hurt that I called him after he asked me not to. When he found out he filed for divorce immediately and packed his bags and left the house. He has told me that it’s a cycle and he can’t trust meand I’m not sure what to do. He’s been gone for two weeks now and he I have no idea where he is. I’m clinging to hope that he will come back but I’m not sure he will.

  • And you want him back - why? because he obviously doesn't trust you and that is a necessary basis of a good relationship - trust and honest communication. This guy is too immature to be able to sustain a committed relationship at the moment. He needs to do a lot of growing up but you shouldn't wait around for him.

  • @picescare27
    Why did you get married?
    what does marriage mean to you?
    What does it mean to your husband?
    Was there Trust, Honesty, Communication, Loyalty, Respect, Equality, Compassion, Taking responsibility, Independence, Comfortable pace.
    Marriage starts at the wedding not ends that is when the work starts.
    You need relationship counselling by yourself so you understand yourself and plan your options and together if possible to plan your options.
    Good luck

  • @picescare27
    Are you looking for a reading if so ask @MoonraizSunset who might be able to help. good luck

  • @picescare27 @mary-grace thought you could use a lil help ... 👋 ok so I feel like you both may still need counseling He has trust issues due to his past and this is something that needs to be addressed acknowledged for healing purposes...I feel he will come back but he is in his head.. he probably feels like he had to fight to get you all to himself.. So when he gave u the ultimatum and you with ur back to the wall agreed he thought he won.. Boom his bubble was busted when in his eyes u Betrayed his trust which I’m sure u know what u did was a lil wrong in a sense you should have remained strong and said Listen Buddy I love u ur my Husband but he is My BFF.. have they met? Set up something friendly dinner try to break the ice.. he wants a family with you but I pick up he is wanting stability Concrete Stability... he feels like u was juggling him n bf .. ok I pulled from my Angel Answers oracle cards
    Compromise and the situation will improve.. with Meditation brings Answers So Wait No need to worry... Communicate Clearly because it’s up to you to remain Positive Think Romance.. within the next few weeks he may be returning or from now until the next few weeks.. also with Forgiveness a year from now you will be able to fully regain his trust..
    Hope this helps.. wishing you both the very best 💕💕💕🧚🏽♂💫

  • @picescare27 Cancerians can be very very jealous and insecure.

  • @moonraizsunset
    Another excellent reading
    you have provided information and directions for @Picescare27 to work on so she will get or move towards her hearts desire.
    take care

  • @jayann Awww 🥰 Thank you I love u Ladies💕💕💕💕💕🧚🏽♂💫

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