Can someone please explain

  • what is an Angelic Tarot Desk?

  • I have just has a reading using a Chrysalis Tarot Deck?

    Can someone please explain what relevant are the different decks.

  • @mary-grace said in Can someone please explain:

    I have just has a reading using a Chrysalis Tarot Deck?

    Can someone please explain what relevant are the different decks.

    So many questions, so few answers. The relevance is with the card reader.. Do both of you plan on staying querents or are you actually interested in learning how to read tarot? Just curious

  • @mary-grace Tarot has a specific structure to it, philosophically and practically. Every deck is a different interpretation of the tarot system. Readers use different decks for different reasons, but basically I'd say we pick decks that "feel" right, that speak truly, and honestly, we use them because we like the art.

  • @ruthmorgantarot
    ty for answering the question it explains so much.

  • @ruthmorgantarot
    Thank you so much for explaining about the different decks as I thought there was only one deck, and also thought most people only had one deck. I am struggleing as I cannot figure out what how to get understanding from the cards.
    So a BIG THNAK YOU for explaining.

  • @ddude
    I am lost as to why I cannot understand the cards.
    I am dyslexic so my questions is my trying to understand. I learn in a different way to others. Most people learn like one builds a wall bottom up and steps or blocks of information. I only learn and understand when I have all the knowledge.

  • Hi Jayann,
    Think of dyslexia as being able to think outside the box. Find a way that works for you and embrace it. You may not be able to use the super highway (Left side of the Brain) to retrieve words and get stuck in the local streets using different streets to get to the same spot. You can get there your own way. Use different triggers to help triangulate the retrieval. The different decks are a visual tool to help you, find one that resonates with you. There are many different books too that explain the meanings, find the words that stick with you. Learn to trust what you feel because it is a learning experience and everyone has a personal feel.

  • There are so many ways to learn working with Tarot... There are many different decks that offer different ways to learn Tarot ... There are three basic systems - Thoth, Rider Waite Smith and Tarot de Marseille ...
    Most people suggest you start with a Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck or something similar as the minor arcana are scenic illustrated while Thoth (and advanced symbolic deck ) and Tarot de Marseille (traditional Tarot) have minor arcana that are non-scenic pip . Once you have decided in which deck you wish to purchase.. begin by looking at the deck slowly, looking at each card.... in a Journal write down you thoughts about the deck.. what you like and dislike about the artwork... Begin by looking at the Fool - card 0 .... Who is this character? what does he do? what colours stand out? What message does he impart? Do not worry too much about the meanings of the cards, at this time .... just go through the Major Arcana and describe each card in detail and what it means to you....

    If you want to start understanding what each card means, start with 2-3 keywords only .... working through 6 cards at a time .... being able to do a basic 2 card reading and tying the cards together ...

    Different decks will offer different information through the characters, the symbols, the colours used by the artist....

    Different readers will read differently with different decks ... some readers combine Suit with numerology in their readings ... start with one style ....and overtime you may find yourself adapting to your own style of reading....

  • @jayann Angelic Tarot Deck- connects with Angels - images of Angels may appear on the cards.... the messages may have come from the Angels for the artist, the author. The deck may be inspired by the Angels ...

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