What is the best way to format ones Questions to get the best answer?

  • Is there a special way one should as Tarot questions so one can get the best answer?
    Is there a difference between face to face tarot reading and online or distance tarot readings and the way you ask you question?
    Are there subjects one should not ask the Tarot?

  • This is a good question and someone sort of answered it for me.
    Question I asked was Will SJ and I get back together?
    I was told that this was a weak question and the following suggested.
    Will SJ & I get back together & what do I need to know about it?
    I still do not understand how to ask a good question.
    maybe some can explain

  • There are many ways to form a question... When working with Tarot do not ask questions that require a yes or no answer ...
    The best type of questions ask How, Why, What ...

    For example.......
    How can things improve within the relationship between >>>>>>>.?
    Why do I do what I do to jeopardize relationships?
    What do I need to know to make a difference in my life?

    When working with Tarot inregards to face to face and online (Distance readings) it depends on the reader .. overall there is no difference

    Subjects - each reader will have their preferred topics, subjects....
    Things to remember Tarot Readers may not be qualified to answer any medical questions, including pregnancy issues. or . Legal enquirers,
    You may also find Readers may not answer questions that relate to a third party if it does not personally affect you at this time ...

    Hope this answers you questions ....

  • @hekatesxing
    you have explained so much. unfortunately emotions get in the way at times. ty

  • @jayann yes sometimes it can be hard to separate ourselves from our emotions... I find taking a deep breath.. inhale through the nose exhale through the mouth and clearly write down the question can help on some level ...

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