Help with reading

  • Help with a reading :

    Ask what does he think of me and
    In the present got :
    7 of cups
    King of Pentacles
    5 of wands
    Queen of Pentacles
    Knight of Wands
    King of swords

    Page of pentacles
    Queen of Swords
    9 of pentacles
    5 of cups
    10 of pentacles

    Any thoughts ??

  • @Snow I assumed you asked what he currently thinks of you and what he will think of you. I'm going to analyse this the way I do my readings but obviously you are the only one who truly understands who 'he' is and can fully interpret the meaning of your cards. I can also assume this is the order of the cards you pulled.
    7 of cups - represents faith, illusions, fantasy and imagination so he has faith in you and you are possibly ideal for him
    death - Don't panic death is actually a good card. Death represents change, positive beginnings so there is a beginning currently between you two.
    King of pentacles - is disciplined and controlling meaning he sees you as in control of yourself and responsible
    5 of wands - represents conflict and disagreement so he is having conflicting thoughts on you or you have recently been in conflict
    Queen of pentacles - He might even see you as down to earth or motherly which are both good positive qualities
    Knight of wands - represents lust, passion adventure and daring so he feels strongly about you strongly enough to take a risk
    King of swords - he sees you as a clear thinking intellectual

    and in the future it is changeable so I wont give you a clear set answer as feelings can and will change hope this helps, x

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