Left on the shelf and unhappy

  • One day you wake up and find that you have been left on the shelf.
    None of your life has been happy just a struggle. You have never has a committed relationship and every thing you tried has not worked out.
    Now you are old, ill and have nothing in common with your female friends. you are the odd one out and have always been.
    What do you do now?

  • @mary-grace You're never too old to rebuild, let the past go 🙂

  • @mary-grace LOVE has no age. Move on and love yourself. Rebuild your life.
    My mom Lost my dad at the age of 54.
    They were soulmates and Married for over 30 years. She was devastated but Time is healing her. She is doing well now.
    Time and Tide waits for none. We came to this world alone and we will leave alone. You have to be strong and love yourself first. Things will fall in to places. Good luck to you.

  • Find other "odd people" - you are not the only one on the planet. There are many others with you on that mythical 'shelf'.

  • Most people will be “left” and have their heart broken at some point. All is fair in love and war- right? Actually I don’t even know what that means really. 😂 As much as it hurts, having your heart broken can teach us really great things, the best things. Empathy for one, it challenges people to grow and become independent. It can remind us that nothing is ever “ours”, nothing is permanent. We can choose to be grateful for what we have in the moment, even when it’s hard not to think of the future. When you are able to truly believe that you are destined to live in happiness, you will. We are all meant to come here and thrive together, we aren’t meant to lead comparable lives though. It’s a journey, an exciting one, they shouldn’t always look the same, that would be boring, right?! Being patient with yourself is very helpful, and soon you realize change is sometimes fun. Those unexpected moments are my favorite.
    when my daughter becomes an adult and flies the coop, it will likely break my heart, and I will miss her. But we can’t hold on to people that way, or we suffocate them.

  • @mary-grace
    what do you mean by "Odd one out"?

  • This post is deleted!

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  • @mary-grace
    Jayann? Mary-grace? Jayann?

  • Yeah, it’s sort of confusing. Is this about you Mary grace? Or jayann? Both? Either way, I’m sorry someone is struggling. We have all been there, or are still there, and it’s a difficult loop to be in. Any book by these authors might help, joe dispenza, Byron Katie, Louise hays. These books will lead you to more good books too.

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