No future because of medical problems

  • When things goes wrong especially in relationships one has regrets and are likely suffer from depression.

    So how can one look to the future if one is suffering from anxiety or you can not see a future as things in the future will be worse

  • @mary-grace I have anxiety as well as depression. It was gift from my ex who broke my heart into pisces and moved on to another woman. I was hospitalized and my health was so bad that I was on verge of dying. I couldnt take the break up and hence I fall in to depression and started having panic attacks and anxiety. It sucks. Its been 7 years I am living with it. But it has got better with time and meditation. I met my hubby in my depressed situation and he supported me.
    I found love again. Though my depression kicks in from time to time but I still manage it.
    So yes its possible to have a future with medical conditions. You just need to get the right person and support. Everything will fall in the right place. Good luck dear❤

  • @mary-grace
    Sometimes our lives are shattered by loss and our best choice is to stay out of the past and future and focus on the true meaning of living in the moment. It really is all we have. The past is gone and the future doesn't exist. I learned this after the death of my son. It's called Grace. To learn to be totally present in each moment BLESSINGS!

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