Do you know if I'll talk to him again?

  • I have no way of contacting him & Im so upset over this. I love him & want to be with him but I have no way of contacting him. He won't respond to anything I try. Can someone please tell me if I'll hear from him again? How can I fix this? How do I get him back when I live so far away. I am so depressed over this.

  • Why am I always in this situation?? Where he texts back and forth then just leaves and cuts me off??

  • How am I ever suppose to be good enough. He just cuts me off. Changed his number & doesnt answer any of my messages. He just goes away. I want to spend my life with him. Everytime he rejects me I take back my feelings. My last thing I said to him was "If he wants someone else go be with them" he hasn't even responded to me since. There was a snap account that added me and it was a picture of some girl. Idk if it was him but it had the usual numbers he uses with his name. I'm never gonna find anyone that can deal with me. If I keep chasing him I'm just gonna look like a nut job even more. Before him I had this messed up thing with someone else and now I am so messed up I can hardly keep my emotions in one straight line. When Scorpio rejected me what am I suppose to say to that?!? I'm single again. He has me feeling abandoned again & I have no way of finding him except showing up at his stupid job all the way in our home state. I am suffering. I have said all my feelings to him & I mean absolutely nothing to him. He has rejected them over & over.

  • @zenyastorm
    may I suggest you ask @MoonraizSunset for a relationship reading

  • Thank you Jayann

  • @ZenyaStorm oh gurl I am so sorry to hear that. Is your guy dating someone else which you do not know about?
    This is not a healthy relationship at all my dear. If he does not wants you then you must move on. I know its easier said than done but this cycle is not at all healthy for your well being hon.

  • @anon_undertaker yes it is easier said than done

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