Non-Practitioner Gifting Cards?

  • Hi all! I literally just made an account so that I could ask this question. So a very close friend of mine reads Tarot, as far as I know she has two decks. She doesn't subscribe to the idea that a deck should be gifted, so she bought hers herself, but she does call them "sassy" pretty often. I want to gift her a deck for her birthday that might have a kinder attitude.
    The issue is, I don't practice. I identify as an Apatheist, meaning I don't put any stock or care in any form of religion or spirituality. This isn't to say I disbelieve in the power of Tarot, but I treat it like I treat any other belief of anyone else: with the consideration that as far as I know, this can be 100% true and should be treated with respect, even if I don't personally subscribe to it.
    So my question is, what should I do when trying to gift her a deck? I'm going to look at some decks at my local metaphysical shop today before I bother ordering anything online. Are there certain things I should do to make sure the energy isn't compromised? She isn't worried about other people touching her cards, so that's fine. I'm generally a Negative Nancy, so while I have the cards in my possession should I only handle them when I'm having positive thoughts? Would wishing them well and asking them to treat her kindly mean anything since I don't practice?
    Thank you guys so much! I just want the best for her and I want to make sure I don't accidentally mess up her gift.

  • Hi @medliwen! Welcome, and we're happy to have you! You've come to the right place.

    We have a over 70 Tarot decks available to view on our site... You can take a look through these and if any interest you, there's usually a link to US Games or Amazon at the top.

    Some fun, lighthearted decks are:

  • Wow you are a Special kinda Friend💕💕💕 I love how you Respect your friends Gifts and staying true to who u are and not letting it get in the way of ur friendship AMAZING!!!! As My BFF is into the church and and doesn’t really Respect my gifts.. Just last night I told her I wanted to do a Reiki session on her she has a bad knee she told me Only in the name of Jesus lol.. soooo guess that’s A NO 😂 As I’m Spiritual not Religious... So seeing this made me feel good.. And don’t worry you will be guided to the perfect deck just keep ur Close friend in mind the whole time .. Don’t worry you won’t mess up the cards or her gift the intention behind you getting the gift is what overrides everything... please if you can keep us updated let us know how she reacts to her new deck of cards.. Wishing u a wonderful day full of love and laughter...

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