My Cancerian Ex

  • Help! 😭😭😭
    Me and my ex just dated after we met Dec 29, 2018 and as a Cancerian woman too I felt that connection with him so I said yes by Jan 3, 2019 and we were so in loved I guess It felt so real and romantic as if a perfect couple. He is such an ideal man to me. An ideal bf, best friend like a complete package as if I won a lottery but gotta be honest with you I just broke up with my Aquarius Ex 2 months ago before we even dated with my Cancerian Ex. To clear this up me and my Aquarius Ex was on our on and off relationship and a total toxic for the both of us. Last year August 1 we broke up and he called it off for a month then came back as if nothing happened and then after 30 days we broke up again so technically I was about to move on but it was like stopped but now that it's over and I'm totally done with it I just felt like I dont really feel like going back and completely have moved on from it. So I never talked to any other guys within that 2 months after break up with Aquarius Man but as I get bored and had a talk with this Cancer Man I felt connection but it took me 5 days but on that 5th day I really felt that happiness and love with that cancer man and that like everthing that I been looking for a man or from my ex was all in him so I grabbed the opportunity as he was giving all that assurance to me. And idk why but for me as a cancer woman I felt like if I want the person and that person likes me too then I would grab it out real quick coz I dont wanna lose that person hahahha. idk or is it just me. But on our 8th day relationship I felt like he changed so I confronted him about it that he was being cold or something then he would say I was the cold one and so he said but no matter what please stay and be strong for me Co you're my strength and then right after that he said please dont act all doubtful coz you're making the relationship toxic "idk but I'm scared to experience what I've gone through my Aquarius Ex" and so I said maybe I was toxic and so he said maybe you really are. and I told him maybe we should stop this and he just go with it. but then when he said that I suddenly changed my mind and said wait I'm sorry I cant but he acting like nope... then later he said Maybe you haven't moved on from him and he said fix yourself first.... after that we never called but I called him the second day and talked about my feelings for him but he acting different and told me moved on and forget or he can wait for me to fix myself but not that long..... then I said I'll just forget you if you cant wait then.... then after 5 days he texted me asking me to call but I didn't tho I called him the second day but he didn't answer even to my texts so I didn't bother. He would post about God stuff and heartbreaks stuff and idk which is which myabe he haven't moved on to his ex coz fyi he had his first gf 6 months in a relationship but just 2 years ago or 3. Please don't judge me about this I really don't have anyone to go to. Help 😅😭

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