HANSWOLFGANG.....I Serously Need Help!!!

  • coz i want to ask something about my sister and i do not want to disclose anything about her in here. I don't know if u can tell me about personal stuff coz i have observed that most of the people who do readings here are English and they do not like the fact if anyone asks personal questions(means very personal questions) about their family members coz i think its some kind of culture thing in English people where they find few things very personal if u ask them about it . Im asian, and i also believe in privacy but there are few things which are taboo in our society and religion but the same things things are like personal when u ask English people about them coz maybe its in their Society where every other person is doing these things very openly or privately and where(in their Society) people do not care coz their culture is more like living alone(meaning live alone and die alone), where as in our culture its more like living together and giving importance to the family than the outsiders and there are certain limitations which we shouldn't and cannot be crossed coz those are set by our parents and we respect our parents and give importance to them more than any other person or friend who really seems like as if they are really true friends but in reality they cannot be more concerned than our family. I do not know if u got wot i mean coz if u r English then i do not think u will really get wot i mean. I do not know wot the limitation is for them(English people) or their meaning of limitation is somewot different than the limitations which are been taught to us or their limitation is just that they shouldn’t interfere in someone’s business not even in sister’s brother’s business if u know they r doing something wrong or they do not know anything about limitation... i do not think i can really put those feelings and thinking in English as English is not my first language....i really had answers for people on this site who were questioning me on some stuff but i couldn’t bother to answer them coz i thought ill not be deliver wot i think in English language and as there wouldn’t be any point coz their mindset is different than mine coz we belong to different cultures so there r things which they will not be able to understand and vice versa coz those things are very normal in their culture, if not in culture then maybe it has BECOME normal in their society.... anyways i hope u will email me soon..



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