Love and addiction..??

  • i have known my boyfriend since i was 11 years old. we have always dated on an off but when i was about 16 he moved like 2 hours away and i didnt see him folr like 2-3 yrs. to make it short we ended up talkin again two an a half yrs ago an have ben together ever since. in the past 2 yrs we have ben to hell an back together. we were involved in some really traumatic shit when his mom was killed a little over a year ago an ever since then we have really only had eachother. after his mom died..(whom he lived with) we got our own spot an were living we were both takin pills...(perks, oxi contin..ect.) heavy. he went to reahab..came back 6 months later we got a new apt together..(i moved in wit my mom while he was in rehab) we were both clean for a while but slowly we started takin pills again and we both started usin heroin too. 10 days ago we both went to detox. he was there for 5 days i was there for we are both goin to rehab. i havnt seen him since he left detox like 8 days ago...i have only talked to him a few times. he has gotten high since he got out...i have not. even tho he has gotten high he still wants to get help. he had no where to go an was on the streets...stayin with a friend that it was really hard..i have ben locked in my moms house since i got out of detox a day ago. i love him so much but ppl keep telling me that it isnt going to work because he was my "getting high partner"...but he was also so much more. i kno that i cant live without him i am so inlove with him...i know we both need help and we both need to go to rehab...and we are...but i am just s worried and confused.

  • Hi, Can he get into a 12-step program and stay longer. Aren't you supposed to go to support meetings and have a sponsor to call when you get the urge to use. Maybe time apart w/meetings would be a good thing since this seems to be a much bigger issue w/him. This is a big problem. Somewhere clergy needs to be part of the picture, and an acknowledgement of a higher power--and believe me there is one. I don't see this getting any better until he gets the help that he needs. I think by checking into this (these programs) for him you can help him. There are people that can help you. I hope this helps. Best wishes always.

  • he is in rehab now. he jus got in today..i am waiting on a rehab..they do not have any beds available at the time....i dont have that many options cause i dont have health insurance. and yea i have gone to meetings and all that.

  • Hi. I think you should just focus on yourself, If you really DO want to stop with the pill taking.

    For me.. I had a problem with alcohol and have gotten myself 2 d.u.i's.

    I've stopped drinking. But mainly because my friends are doing their own thing.. i dont talk to any of them anymore, so i dont really have anyone to drink with.

    I also cant drive. So i cant go to the bar and drink, and i dont have a job. So i cant go buy anything.

    Yeah.. this is some serious discipline. But what helps is taking up a hobby. I like making clothes and what not, i like playing guitar, and exercising should be really good for you too.

    im pretty creative as it is so i NEED a creative outlet, so therefore I need to take up hobbies or i will croak.

    But if you dont really care about creativity maybe you should exercise or go running to get your mind off of using. Meeting new friends aslo would help alot. Or just going to a local church and talk to people, meet people.

    I really hope you stop using and take care of yourself. Maybe he can join you.

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