Was I being used

  • I am 18/01/58
    he is 04/11/56
    Was I being used and was this relationship toxic

  • Run a calculation yourself.

    There are many resources online which can help you out. All you really need is a full name and birth date.


  • @squadus
    ty for your reply

  • No there was love here but the expectations on both sides were just too high and unrealistic. You are both very private people. Neither of you likely found it easy to communicate and you both may not have felt completely free to be yourselves in this relationship. Complete trust was necessary to cement your bond and this was never fully achieved. Both of you have a secret desire to be respected, you both aspire to a quiet kind of power behind the scenes over your area in life, whether it be a home, a classroom, a business or a government; yet you Jayann may have disliked your partner's moods and inner intensity, believing them to be a waste of vital energy, while he probably thought you lacked sentiment and sensitivity because you were less emotional than he was. It was a basic incompatibiltiy, that's all. The two of you were as vulnerable to an occasional problem of adjustment as every other man and woman who struggle to harmonize their natures and habits within the intimate confines of an intimate relationship. However, in one way or another, either a heavy or a light influence of death and secrecy links your hearts here. Your life together will have been touched by echoes of the past, however faint. This may not have occurred within the first few years, but the shadow eventually falls, impacting the relationship. Issues of relatives or siblings are often involved, also motherhood and long-held secrets. When passion cooled and your emotions became locked, long periods of pouting or boredom may have separated the two of you by numbing the need you used to feel. Change was thus desperately needed here - if the relationship fell into dull routine, it would be finished. Even small changes may have saved it but, by and large, the two of you were just not well matched.

  • @thecaptain
    We went out broke up
    some years later we went out again
    I became ill
    He was very unkind to me
    we broke up again
    Asked me out again
    Discovered I was afraid, felt too old, the illness and the spark seemed to be missing.

    I miss him

  • Hey!
    Sorry for my word if they hurts you, but a person who keeps coming and goes from your life as you are a toy for him.
    That person can never be yours, that persons can never belong to anyone. Nor even can he ever be trusted. But if you are still worried about him and love him, then you should consult with the experts instead of making youself sad.

  • @Trustedteller
    Your comments are not hurtful
    Just factual
    ty for sharing

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