The cycle of breaking up making up in relationshups a philosophical question

  • You meet someone and fall in love then one of you break up with the other.
    Sometime later you get back together then suddenly out of the blue one person breaks up with the other.
    Both times it hurt but the second time was more painful so one of the partners in the relationship becomes reluctant to try again.
    Is breaking up and making up good for a relationship?
    How many break ups and makes up before it is decided that the relationship is dead.
    If "once bitten twice shy" what of the third, fourth and fifth times etc.
    How do you know what you are doing is for the best and will love conquer all?
    What do you have to say?

    A little known fact is that Kate and William broke up three times.

  • @Jayann breaking up in realtionships is when either your opinion clashes or you have a huge fight or have distance issue or ego comes in between.
    Breaking up is a common thing for couples. I have seen many couples break up and then make up again. Letting people go is the hardest but people do it anyways. Unless the relationship is abusive I think it would be foolish to let people go from your life. Love is hard to find and if you really love the person and he/she loves you too then you must fight for the relationship to the end.Good luck.πŸ‘πŸ»

  • @anon_undertaker tried this and got beaten up metaphorically speaking. He returned 3 years later but I was too scared to try again. He made the decision to remove me from his life. Still love and miss him.

  • @jayann said in The cycle of breaking up making up in relationshups a philosophical question:

    He returned 3 years later but I was too scared to try again. He made the decision to remove me from his life.

    Very interesting question and before I give my own personal philosophy, let's make sure I understand you correctly..

    So there's this couple in a relationship and for whatever reason (right out of the blue) the guy just gets up and walks out..

    Some time passes and these two get back together, everything seems to be going so good. And then damn! "Right out of the blue" the guy just gets up and walks straight back out.

    So three years pass and this guy finds his way back to the ex and he wants to get back together for a THIRD ROUND.

    But, this time the ex stands her ground and tells walk away Joe - "Hell no! I gave you two chances, I'm not getting hurt again." So walk away Joe does what Joe does and walks away...

    The odd thing is the Ex has second thoughts and contacts Joe. Joe does what Joe does and keeps walking..

    Now all this makes perfect sense to me...

    I just want to know - What happen, why did the ex change
    Her mind?

  • @ddude
    The connection between the two of them when there were together. EX got ill so needed reassurance that there was at least friendship. Joe broke off all contact then years later ex started to dream of him 24/7. Joe has moved on married and not interested.

  • @jayann

    "Truth is often stranger than fiction"

    From the heart of a hopeless romantic, what this story needs is a happy ending... Something like the Ex finds acceptance and peace, she receives a miraculous healing, has many years added to her life, she discovers the meaning of true happiness and eventually meets her true friend/mate πŸ™‚

    This story needs Hope and you're the author

  • @jayann

    PS Two older songs come to mind Walk Away Joe by Trisha Yearwood and Believe by Cher.
    One can be viewed as the past and the second as the present. Cher being the older Jane who is finally overcoming her trials of life
    Do you believe in life after love πŸ™‚

    Another would be Ophelia, by the Lumineers a collection of songs and videos about Ophelia's life journey ... I think the full collection is called The Ballad of Cleopatra

    I gotta get to work, hope you have a good day πŸ™‚

  • @ddude
    I have just looked up the lyrics for believe
    then walk away Joe

  • @jayann Both of those songs were knee jerk reactions. I do believe they hold simple truths you can apply.

    What really comes to mind is the collection of songs/videos by the Lumineers, known as The Ballad of Cleopatra. Warning... at face value this collection can appear very gloomy and without hope, when in fact it's just the opposite. Just like any work of art it holds multiple meanings to the eye of the beholder, Google for the basic concept/theme. I do believe there's a strong connection between the Lumineer's character Ophelia and the one found in William Shakespeare's ''Hamlet", and we can't forget Cleopatra... Very deep indeed.

    β€œWhat We Do In Life Echoes In Eternity"

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