Reading please

  • Hi can u do a reading for me too? @TarotNick

  • A pick up of your feelings,

    You are feeling a bit dull, can't get out of your own way.
    Something happen that you don't think was fair and you are down because of it.
    Something will turn... a bright smile feeling.
    This will allow you to breath...a cleansing breath.
    Someone was will come out.
    Some fighting or are at the opposite ends of the argument.
    Use your intuition trust what you know is right.
    This brings some sad feelings, you thought it would bring happiness like before but it has turned.
    You will have the strength to do what you need is inside you.
    Use your imagination and strength in thinking...You will work it out.
    Things will work out like they comes from inside you.

    Hope that helps,

  • @tarotnick yes absolutely...!! Well most of what u mentioned was regarding my ex boyfriend who was emotionally abusive in a way that he was rarely available ... We used to keep getting into arguments about this plus I even caught him cheating on me with multiple women ... We kept this in n off relationship going for 2yrs till I finally decided to call it off coz I grew tired of his lies and games....!! I dint want him to be a part of my life anymore ... Coz all he did for 2yrs is cause me depression more than happiness ... M a single mom to a 4yr old girl and I could see how this depression was growing on her too so I put a stop to this .. he recently called saying he couldn't say stuff to me coz he knew I'd over react and he dint need that at the stage he was in coz he was taking some kind of help from those women but now he is where he wanted to be and wanted me back into his life but I said no ...

  • HI Vmaseyk,

    For me a relationship is based off of trust, honesty and Love with a ton of Communication...Loud and soft...hahahaha. Hard to have a level table if the legs are missing. (why that metaphor popped up I have no clue?) Use your imagination and strength and you will be fine. Happy for you,

  • @tarotnick yeah I know what u mean....!! And yeah I have used it already the reason why I ran the hell away from him.... Hez just been all talks n that's it... I know I deserve better than an abusive guy whoz just around to suit his needs ....
    I'd rather be with nobody than being in a toxic relationship wondering whether he cares ... M happier now n that's more important!! 😁

  • I can do you a free tarot reading but please could you tell me more about your question? x

  • @c-estledestine I wanted to know about my love life, my future, all of it ..!!

  • @vmaseyk
    you need to ask a question like
    Will 2019 bring me new love, money a divorce and how do I go about making it happen?

  • @vmaseyk hey gurl whatsup? How you doing? ❤

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