Move on or be patient - Reading needed please

  • Hi,

    Could anyone please give me a reading? My intuition tells me to be patient.. would like a validation please. My DOB 1962 May 4th. Ex DOB 1961 July 3rd.

    Whatever you get, good or bad. Thank you.

  • Sweetdee47 - did you move on?


  • Hi Sweetdee

    Both! If it's any comfort to you, I have a similar situation, and in the moving on from it, I also need to adopt patience. We can't wait around and put our lives on hold for someone else, otherwise we are not going to be in a good place when they do come back.

    So, be patient, get on with your life in the meantime, and BELIEVE that all will be well, and it will.

    Hope this helps!



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