2019 collecting debts

  • In the last few years I have been trying to collect money owed to me by different people and I am wondering if I will get the money owed back.

  • @jayann
    From a perspective of energy laws....where your focus goes grows! Let it go, leave it in the past. Abundance is an energy that doesn't gravitate towards loss energy or grudge energy. Been there done that bought the T shirt and the ugly mug! When your energy shifts money comes to you. People have a hard time with that concept but it works. The ego is not your most prosperous friend. I've been cheated, I've been robbed and the ego wants justice. A righteous idea in theory but thank that bitter pill and move on to a lesson learned about surrender and FAITH. Faith says there is all you need out there but you will miss that divine handout if you are too preoccupied with past due events. Be a wise dog and kick some dirt on that shit and move on. BLESSINGS!

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