Is one born with a life plan? (A philosophical question)

  • Can the spirits see if I will ever get over the fact that I never has the opportunity to give birth to a child and be a mother?

    This is a philosophical question.
    I keep being told that "God”, the master of the universe or what every you want to call it, has a plan for each and every one of us.
    Unfortunately for the last 5 years when ever I have been told this I reply I wish "it" would tell me what the plan is, as I hate not knowing.
    When one wants and needs are never met one has not incentive to carry on. Examples, of this are life partner, marriage, children, family and home.
    So, I would like to know if there is a blue print of our individual life by the universe and why does one crave certain wants and need one can no longer have.

  • Jayann, your life purpose (which you chose before you were born) is to learn how to concentrate fully on any matter at hand, to eliminate the superfluous from your life and work, and to acquire greater mastery. Being thoroughly practical, you have an innate ability to focus, though too often this ability is more sporadic than consistent in nature. While you are already able to concentrate in short intense spurts, you are here to learn how to focus over the long haul. For this to occur, you must learn to set an intention and hold it. The development for such a capacity is, in essence, about harnessing one's own mind for a specific purpose. You can be easily knocked off balance or thrown off course so this can be far more difficult task for you than it might seem. At first glance, you often appear to be the epitome of the “natural human”. Highly sensuous, you enjoy life and its pleasures with the greatest of gusto. You must learn how not to be sidetracked by the latest pleasure, plan, gizmo or scheme, all of which usually only offer short term rewards. You can be very self-indulgent and much of your life journey will involve learning how to tame those urges in order to focus on more important areas of life such as work, health, home life, and relationships with family, friends, or children. You can easily remain ensconced in your pleasures, yet by doing so, you will stagnate intellectually, psychologically, morally, and spiritually. Apt to be content with the status quo, you tend to avoid anything that requires discipline and attention, thus obstructing your ability to move forward to greater achievements. Therefore, you must literally pull yourself out of the proverbial 'Garden of Eden' (perhaps this will occur through illness or accident) and move onward. Your challenge in fact is to learn how to move resolutely toward a goal by firmly setting your intention on reaching and keeping it. You must teach yourself to be less pragmatically involved in details - which usually bog you down - and more morally driven. That is, you need to have the moral courage to think always of the long-term goal and the greater good by cutting away all that does not contribute to those aims.

    Your struggles can be substantial, for you were born with a great deal of stubbornness and resistance to change. Only when you have succeeded in eliminating a certain laziness from your character will you free your hands to grapple with the world. While your tenacity can help you, you may often use it instead to merely cling to the status quo, often staying in the same rut year after year, whether it is good for you or not, and never freeing yourself from the old habits that are so deeply ingrained in your personality. Moreover, your emotional vulnerability to the approval and disapproval of others can hold you back. Moving toward a more truthful, single-minded, and dynamic approach requires letting go of a kind of complacent self-satisfaction. In order for your main lesson of focusing and intending to be learned, you must keep your eyes firmly on an object you desire, not be sidetracked, and acquire a somewhat compulsive attitude that will not compromise or let up in its intensity. The primary area in which your struggle will take place is first and foremost within yourself. Unless you accomplish a psychological and spiritual turnaround, you will be unable to proceed effectively in your professional or personal activities. In your early years, family and school may have been the arenas of such training, and may have involved strict parents and teachers who planted the first seeds of an uncompromising approach in you to chores and study habits. Sooner or later, you will see that a hard choice must be made between your present pleasures and your future goals if anything meaningful is to be accomplished. Of course, the ability to enjoy yourself was hopefully not impaired or even crushed in childhood, or else the result may well be a workaholic or puritanical attitude, which could cripple all your real spiritual growth and prevent any lasting happiness. Obviously, these extremes will be problematical. You always risk getting bogged down in your own sensuality and procrastination. Since you can so easily slip back, you must be ruthless in blocking out your tendency just to hang out and relax. However, the opposite problem - that of taking over and creating unbearable tensions and an inability to take it easy - must also be dealt with if it arises. A pattern of hard work and reward is undoubtedly the best kind of program for you. In such a scenario, having proceeded to home in on a problem and solve it with a laser-like focus, your sensuous side can kick in to provide great satisfaction in the well-earned ensuing rest period.

    Above all, you have a fascination for the simple pleasures, for nature and natural living. If you can lead a simpler life, your goal of avoiding distractions may be more easily achieved. Thus, it is highly recommended that you live a more rural lifestyle that will help you avoid the many amusements that larger cities offer. In nature, it is far easier for you to see the bigger picture and to stick to your goals. What is perhaps best for you is to have a “normal” lifestyle, in which family and neighbourhood responsibilities must be discharged regularly. By forming bonds with your neighbours and taking pride in your home, you will have a greater chance for domestic happiness. Also, in the process, a middle ground can be forged between excessive physicality and spartan attitudes. Parties, dinners with friends, holiday celebrations, and family get-togethers are all venues that will encourage self-expression and sharing. However, in relationships, a danger exists that your stubborn, tenacious quality will overlay and meld with an overly stern or hurtful attitude, thus creating an unforgiving attitude toward others that can survive for years or even decades. Learning to let go of resentments and blame, which can easily provide a source of distraction for you for years, is imperative as you find it easy to be over-possessive, even co-dependent, in your relationships. This can be gratifying to the object of your affections, your partner, who will be made to feel needed and appreciated, but it can also cause them to feel trapped or at least hemmed in. Moreover, this sort of attention to relationship is apt to keep you from focusing on more important, longer-term goals. Therefore, the best partner for you is a strong, dedicated individual who is able to withstand your intensity without giving up their own individuality. A partner, friends, or associates who are weak and overly dependent will only arouse the wrong kind of protective energy in you or demand too much of your attention, holding back your development. A good partner for you will be pragmatic enough to help you keep your focus while also having the capacity to see the big picture, helping you to broaden your focus. And so, to sum up, your core life lesson is to develop the self-mastery not to permit distraction at any cost, losing any attraction to short term amusements. Your ultimate life goal must be to remain focused over the long term.

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  • @thecaptain
    Criteria that cannot be changed and set in stone are as follows: Terminally Ill with no cure. OAP and cannot work because of illness. Have no family as in parents, aunts & or uncles or children. Have no husband but have female friends who have family and husbands.

    From what your have written my life plan is to be alone and now lonely for the rest of my life which is a few year at most. Never having the support my female friends has from their husbands. Struggling to stay alive with just death to look forward to.
    All I ever wanted is stability in my personal life not the constant turmoil.

  • @jayann
    Does God have a plan for ones life?

  • @jayann
    Saw a priest last night about this question.....I am non the wiser.
    Yes God has a plan of each and everyone of us but what it is no one knows.

  • @jayann said in Is one born with a life plan? (A philosophical question):

    Saw a priest last night about this question.....I am non the wiser.
    Yes God has a plan of each and everyone of us but what it is no one knows.

    I suppose he forgot to mention Jeremiah 29:11, which pretty much sums up Gods plan for you.

    On a side note: The only true damnation is self damnation, let go of the past and make peace with yourself.

  • @ddude said in Is one born with a life plan? (A philosophical question):

    Jeremiah 29:11

    Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

    Maybe because @Jayann does not see a future that she is questioning everything?

  • @mary-grace said in Is one born with a life plan? (A philosophical question):

    @ddude said in Is one born with a life plan? (A philosophical question):

    Jeremiah 29:11

    Maybe because @Jayann does not see a future that she is questioning everything?

    Someone once said to me:
    "To question everything is good, it's a sign that we're still growing. It's when we stop questioning we lose our ability to grow"

    Jayann is at a crossroad, she needs to let go of the past and reconcile with herself. She needs to understand that we exist in the moment (the here and now), that no living creature is absolutely guaranteed the next moment. It's what we do in the here and now that counts. The Creator has already given us everything we need. We must always cling to faith and hope in the future and know that we have the ability to mold it.

    I've been down that path, many of souls have, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • @ddude
    @Jayann has been dealing with a life a constant pain where there is not painkillers what work, loneliness, no love, no social life, and the knowledge that she is and will be getting worse. She has also to cope that she has been attacked bullied and has never has justice.
    So you will understand that she has been living in a black tunnel with no light. There is no hope in her life and she having to deal with the knowledge that her life has not been fruitful.

    "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can,
    And wisdom to know the difference."

  • @mary-grace said in Is one born with a life plan? (A philosophical question):

    So you will understand that she has been living in a black tunnel with no light. There is no hope in her life and she having to deal with the knowledge that her life has not been fruitful.

    Mary Grace with all do respect, who's to say I don't already understand what she is going through from my own personal tribulations. Perhaps I even understand the role and purpose you're playing, but this isn't about you and I it's about Jayann.

    The black tunnel you mentioned is a pit but it has light above it. Most people who fall in just hit bottom and continue to bounce until they bounce back. Some people stop bouncing and these people lose hope, courage and the will to live. They set up camp at the bottom of the pit and start to wander around in the darkness. They eventually find the rabbit hole at the very bottom. They ponder how deep the hole goes and before they know it - down they go..
    It's sad because very few people will ever return. Its bottomless, formless and leads to pure unadulterated madness.

    Yes I understand all to well and that's the only reason I jumped in to offer support. If you care about her be there for her and always be positive