One more time

  • I just looking for a spiritual advice and closure. A psychic reading if possible. I been depressed and sad mostly heartbroken. I have lost my phone that had precious pictures of my family and kids. So many memories throughout a year or two. I been keeping hope that it will get returned to me.

    The way I lost it is strange. Yes strange that day I was at family gathering. Let me tell you I felt alot of negative vibes but I shrugged it off and made the best of it. I got several comments from a family member that it made me uncomfortable now that I think of it. First that my phone takes nice pictures. Then throughout the day she kept looking at my phone then later jokingly said that she should steal it since she liked my phone case. Of course I didn't think nothing of it. But later that day after I lost it I started analyzing everything.

    Is very strange because as soon that I realized that I had lost my phone within minutes I called it and it just ring but no answer. I came back to the place I was at and we all called it until it eventually died.

    Ever since it hasn't been turned on. I don't want to go with my gut feeling and I am sure hoping that I am wrong.

    It seems as if what that person was after was my pictures. I ask myself many times if I did indeed left it at their house would they give it back? Or if I dropped it outside in which it was nobody out there that night. What would they want an old phone for especially if it been reported stolen.

    My main question and main concern is does a family member have my phone? And if they do will they ever give it back to me?

    Or can anyone possibly tell me if someone else that I don't know like a stranger found it on the street? If they did what do you see them doing with it?

    I just seeking answers and words of wisdom mainly for closure. Should I loose hope?

    It feels to me as if it isn't really lost and I have been looking and tracking it but no luck.

    I mean is this a sign of something. I love taking pictures of my kids and family mainly all of their first moments of everything. I have children and sometimes is chaotic so I enjoy taking momentos such as pictures to not forget those moments and more for my kids to have memories to look back as they get older.

  • Anybody?

  • @emma Would love to help be do not know how

  • @jayann thank you

  • Anyone?🌼

  • Emma, you are looking for the answer you want, and not listening to the advice people here have given you. That speaks to an unhealthy obsession.

  • @thecaptain I am sorry I am new and not really sure how all this works. Sorry for asking the same question and didnt quite understood what you meant by your last response in my other topic. Was that advice or a reading? Something is telling me not to loose hope. Should I forget about it and move on since is been almost a month now? Not sure what to do from this point. Thanks

  • @emma
    I hope someone has your phone and just forgot they have it so will return it. I know phones have important things on them today such as photos. So I will keep my fingers crossed that you will have it returned to you. ☺

  • @emma you are losing present joy by focusing on what is past. Keep the memories in your mind and make new ones too. Photographs are stagnant pictures and can keep us locked in the past. Appreciate the living people in the present moment. See and appreciate all that you have now and stop brooding about what is gone.

  • @thecaptain thank you that is what I been doing and telling myself. I love taking pictures of my kids and throughout my pregnancy and kids birthdays. All of those are gone. So it was a heartbreak.

    Just need to stay positive and move forward. But I won't lie is hard since everytime I try to forget about it some memory comes to mind and then I go back to thinking about the pictures that were on my phone.

    And what got me confused from your response to my other topic was that you said I will get my phone back. Do you still think that? Did you pick that up from a reading or you just taking a guess?😉

  • @mary-grace thank you for your kind words ☺

  • @emma Hey gurl have you filed any complaints for missing goods? I think it could help. So sorry to hear what you are going through. I wish I could help.

  • @emma
    I hope you find you phone and get to download, backup your pictures.

  • @jayann thank you and if I do I definitely will back them up. It was over 5,000 pictures. I should off have took the sd card out since it was full already.

  • @anon_undertaker thank you and yes I have. I also have made flyers. I even have reported the phone as stolen.

  • @emma Its really sad if some one close to you has stolen it. Is there any chance that your ph tracker is enabled and connected to your email? If security is involved then they can track it via IMEI no or gps tracker. It will cost you money but chances are you can track your ph. Good luck to you.

  • I only said you would get your phone back if you learn the lesson from its removal. But you are still clinging to the past more than seeing what you have in the present. So it will not come back while this is going on.

  • @anon_undertaker
    A friend the other day lost her phone while walking her dogs. Her husband, who works for a telecoms company was able to turn on something so it would ring and be tracked. The phone was found. TY for reminding me.

  • @thecaptain
    Are you talking about emotional dependency again TheCaptain?

  • @jayann yes its the GPS tracker or locator. It works. Hope it helps her to find her ph.