Am I interpreting this celtic cross correctly?

  • Ok, so I had someone very close to me leave my life in frankly a cowardly or indifferent way. I've had two psychic readings telling me that this person is not out of my life- just off to the side for now. Frankly, I refused to believe it and don't want this person back in my life just because of the strides I've made on my own. I recently had a dream about this person out of nowhere and decided to do my own tarot reading. I asked my higher self to provide insight into this situation, whether or not there will be reconciliation (I don't want it- I want to move on and I wanted to know this person is gone for good so I do not hang on to any type of hope), and if they did come back, advice for how to handle it. I received the following:

    Position 1/self: High priestess (rx)
    Position 2/what crosses me: Ace of batons
    Position 3/what's above me: Ace of swords (rx)
    Position 4/what's beneath me: Page of cups
    Position 5/the past: page of batons
    Position 6/the future: Ace of pentacles (rx)
    Position 7/advice: 7 of wands (rx)
    Position 8/what I need to know/external influences: Knight of wands
    Position 9/hopes/fears: The world
    Position 10/outcome: The empress

    A few things to note, I'm using the Marseilles deck so some cards are hard to interpret in reverse only because they are highly symmetrical cards. The only giveaway is the teenie tiny roman numeral number in the corner. This applies specifically to the Ace of pentacles (future) and 7 of batons (advice).

    If I'm to interpret this correctly, I'm currently out of harmony and disconnected from my intuition (high priestess). The ace of wands as a challenge is hard to interpret- I feel like it signals new beginnings and all good things. Maybe I'll be challenged to accept these things? Of going with the flow?

    Above me is the Ace of Swords (rx). Again, ace signals new beginnings, but a reversed sword means not claiming power- feeling anxiety, need for protection?

    Past: Page of batons: the page of wands/baton is often childlike and naive. Perhaps how the situation was handled by the other person/perhaps my naivety regarding the situation while it was happening.

    Beneath Me: Page of Cups: open to intuitive messages- I am connecting this to my present situation/high priestess reversed. I'm receiving messages but refusing to accept them?

    Future: Ace of pentacles: If I interpret it without reversed meaning- this is a card of abundance. If I use the reverse, it's a card of caution. Lost opportunity? An end to something? I'm not sure how to interpret this.

    Advice: 7 of wands (rx): Again, another card I don't know to interpret reversed or not since it's completely symmetrical in the Swiss Mersailles deck. Protect myself? Stand my ground? Give up?

    External Influences/how I affect others and how they affect me: Knight of wands: Is this saying I'm impulsive? If so, my mouth is definitely impulsive. It also is action/motivation. Maybe not my own?

    Hopes/Fears: The world: Success, balance, This is obviously what I want for myself. How would I interpret it as a fear? The lack of these things?

    Outcome: The empress- pregnancy/birth. New beginnings.

    If I look at this as a whole, I have a card from every suit- but most notably am wands heavy. Honestly it fills me with anxiety to say that this person will be barging impulsively back into my life and I'm going to have to find a way to deal with it (proceed with caution, defend myself, stand my ground on how I feel) but the outcome should be positive? It would be great if someone could tell me otherwise or provide their opinion on the matter.

    Thanks so much in advance!

  • @llama1988 Hmm, this looks very interesting. I don't own a Marseilles deck but this hand caught my attention.

    On a side note, are you familiar with The Tree of Life spread? It can be used for both divination and for spiritual insight.

    I was reading for a friend the other day and used it as a supplement to Celtic Cross..
    My intention was for divination and I just wanted to try something new...
    The result really surprised me. What it gave me was a very in depth reading of how the person was mentally feeling/spiritual insight.

    It didn't really hit me until after I gave a simple reading to my friend.. It was so powerful that I actually apologized for using that spread. It's the first time I've ever felt like I've violating a persons private space... My friend just laughed and said it was a very good reading and they liked it..

    It sounds like you may have some internal hidden issues going on. I am curious about this spread and hopefully I have time later to look at... Meanwhile, check out The Tree of Life Spread and do another reading... cheers 🙂

  • @llama1988

    Ok, so I had someone very close to me leave my life in frankly a cowardly or indifferent way. I've had two psychic readings telling me that this person is not out of my life- just off to the side for now. Frankly, I refused to believe it and don't want this person back in my life -

    Llama, I'm not sure if there's a good correspondence between Tarot de Marseille/Swiss Marseille and RWS, it appears they operate under a slightly different system.
    Then again I view cards as a tool, an extension of self.

    I came up with something similiar with RWS, using the cards you pulled... just to be on the safe side..

    Is the person in question (or any other person in your life) dominating, oppressive or otherwise abusive?

  • If you really don't want this person back in your life, do you need a reading to tell you what to do? Just refuse to see, call or correspond with them if they try to return.

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