Dream interruption

  • Dream interruption: I had this dream when I and my ex were breaking up and he was being very very nasty. I saw him walking from his car doing some of his habits of buttoning his jacket. Then I dreamt that he was married with two young children. Do you have any idea what this means? ty

  • That you are ready to move on from him.

  • Has this happened to you?

    I woke to a kiss full on my lips during the night of the 29th
    I knew no one else was in the property with me.
    has this happened to anyone else?

  • In light of his nastiness and your confusion to "what makes him like that?". Feeling he changes into someone you don't know. THAT someone was the little boy in him with two childish parents. A little boy inside the man stuck in old habits BLESSINGS!

  • @blmoon ty very interesting.

  • @blmoon
    As Jayann said very interesting.
    Thank you for answering

  • @mary-grace
    Someone else provided the following interruption
    "Looking at your stars, I can see that you have a natural insight to see the deeper parts of other people.. Spirit says, it’s quite likely that sometime in the more distant future, you’ll hear about your ex and his wife and children. She believes your dream was showing you the future."

  • Ok this is not about me and it is what was told to me.
    Suddenly at the last week of October the female started getting the male's name appearing in her mind. Where someone else's name
    This was followed be fantasies of both of them together.
    Then things started to go wrong with nightmares and flashbacks to what happened in the past, not so happy memories. The female was waking up during the night thinking of the male. The female was thinking about the male all day and night both conscious and unconscious.
    It ended at the end of Nov with the female getting the name of the males wife repeatedly being heard in the female's head.
    What do you think happened here.

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