Reading PLEASE

  • Can I get a reading please.

  • About what?

  • I recently lost my phone and had precious pictures that go back to a year. In which cant get replace. I would like to know if a family member that I know took my phone or if I someone else that we don't know took it? The way I lost it is very strange to me. Are you able to help me locate my phone by any chance? Will I get it back or returned to me? Thank you

  • I am feeling the phone will turn up when you learn the lessons from its absence - which is not focusing so much on the past and looking to find joy in the present moment.

  • The only thing troubling me is the pictures on it. I cherish all them memories and don't want to forget. I feel I have a lot on my mind and going through so much so looking at memories as in those pictures helps me remember those happy moments. I have been without a phone for weeks and is fine but just the content that was on it is what worries me. All I want is answers as a closure to move on.

  • And I will be okay knowing that the person that has it deleted everything from the phone unless someone I know have it. That's all I really want to know.

  • Anybody else can reply to this topic as all well hopefully can help me out. Thank You!

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