Tarot Nick can you help me (1 month later)

  • Hi Emma,

    There are tears and storms... a holding onto anger feeling.
    It was not a smart act to have done, but done on purpose.
    again it was done with unfairness and on purpose.
    A feeling of remember whom you are and what is important to you... a feeling of make your inner circle more important...feelings from your heart, let them shine.
    Time will bring healing.
    something good will happen.
    If you only feel pain or ill then you will not be looking for happiness.
    There is peace, you have to look for it.
    I feel a hold on suspicion.
    and Disappointment.
    and a need to hold onto something.

    Hope that helps,

  • Thank you tarot nick. Is it clear that they in fact were the ones that took it and was done on purpose?

    I have tried not to think about it anymore. But here and there I still get this strong sensation and heartache I dont know why.

    Looking back on that day my mom, sister and niece were all just staring at me all through that day. Also complementing me on my phone in weird ways. It got to a point where it made me feel so uncomfortable to the point that I had to get up and leave.

    All eyes were on me sort to speak. They all claimed that it was dropped on the street eventhough it was a cold night close to midnite and nobody was out not even them to be so certain of that.

    What breaks my heart is to think they were capable of doing this to me.

    Can you please explain in detail your reading to me? I am quite a noob when it comes to things like these. I do in fact appreciate your time in giving me this reading.

  • Hi Emma,

    Lines 1,2,3
    Over all you are still upset, I feel it was taken on purpose...like spitefulness.

    Line 4,5,6
    Just be you and. let this go

    Line 7
    something good pops up...felt like a small smile

    Lines 8,9,10,11,12
    If you hold onto the pain or negative...negative only follows. Easier said than done, don't bring it back up...don't hold on to it. Go out purposely and make new memories...then back them up on an external hard drive...hahahahaha.. sorry had too...sad I laughed out loud....
    Don't stop being you, let the negative wave flow past you.

  • @TarotNick I understand but you know what's funny and quite peculiar? I somewhat know who might of took it. As I was thinking about that person today out of now where she texted me before me writing this. She haven't done so in a long time. So I found that unusual to say the least. What do you think about that? Is that a hint or something or just wishful thinking?

    I do honestly want to let it go and I have but there is always something that makes me think of those memories that were captured on that phone. Memories that unfortunately can't get replace. I know now the chances now are low since I know she might be scared out of her mind to even find a way to give it back and me finding out.

    This person always have envied me and hard to believe that this person is my own blood. I am fully aware of the things she would do out of jealousy but this is just a stabbed in the heart. If I am right about the person who I think took it.

    Your right I should of have known to have saved them. I am sure you probably will be upset with me asking you this but do you still see me getting it back one day or soon? I know before you said that you did but was wondering if that has changed?

  • "Time will bring healing.
    something good will happen"

    What does this mean that I will eventually heal from this and what is that something? Made me smile reading that part.

  • @Emma
    I was only teasing on the backing up, I have done it with computers and I know better.
    I can remember when I did an old reading that I said you would get it back, hopefully the something good was referencing that. More I think the feel of the reading was let the negative go, but things like that will only change on your choice.

  • This post is deleted!

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