Tarot Nick can you help me (1 month later)

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  • @emma I really hope you get your phone back gurl. Good luck. 👍🏻

    Is it possible anyhow to search the whole house? I once lost some precious photos of mine and I know how you feel.

  • @anon-undertaker-0 thank you I hope so too.

  • @emma

    i saw in my mind " a bedroom" ... don't know who's bedroom it was. Did not see the actual phone or where it was or how it got there ....just saw a room with a bed in it. I was not picking up on your dream ... this was something I was receiving from my own "mentally reaching out in your direction" and getting this mental image right away.

    You could offer to "clean" whatever bedrooms you think it could be in ... but it would have to be an "in dept cleaning" ... which may seem like a form of invasion of privacy to that person

    If you can not "clean a bedroom in detail" .... then leave things as they are and get on with your life. It will be up to spirit to let things happen and unfold in their own proper time
    and way.

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  • @emma

    sorry ... I keep forgetting their are many people here who are not familiar with some words or terms that many of us often use in conversations.

    when I said "spirit" .... it means whatever you find in your life that you believe in that is holy, good, positive, angels, god, etc.

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  • @emma

    told you all I know ... you will get phone back.

  • @badgerwoman thank you and sorry I am just so new to this.

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  • thank you for update .... you must stop questioning every little thing ... letting go of it for now means exactly that .... get on with life. It will happen in its own time. Trust and have faith. It could take quite awhile.

  • Hi Emma,

    Here is a reading,

    You are feeling weary and that things are not moving.
    You are acting like you don't know what is going on, but I think it is more of you are not sure how to act.
    You are wasting effort in the direction you are headed.
    You are accepting what you are being told...when I think you know something is different.
    You are looking for social approval.
    Things will work out.
    You are not listening to good advise though, it is not what you want to hear.
    There will be a change so please relax.
    You will get through this, but with an emotional cost.
    There will be a wait before something happens, you may be disappointed.
    Reflect on what got you here, and make a good choice.

    That was a strong message, take it and learn from it. In the end is it worth the emotions spent? I don't mean to be harsh...just the way the reading went.
    Hope that helps,

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  • Emma,

    Things still will work out (Line 6 and 9); There is still some delay so you still need patience. The Social approval I think meant Family approval, but I go with my first impression of what I was feeling. So don't let this beat you up...too much stress and anticipation of something. Just let go and forgive because the anxiety you have is only eating you.

  • tarotNick ....that was a VERY good reading. Accurate, direct, honest ....in a simple, concise way.
    Your words of explanation were comforting, reassuring and personal. Congrats.