Tarot Nick can you help me (1 month later)

  • Can I get a reading and I will ever find and get back the lost item that I lost? Also if there is anything that you can see around me that is happening. More or so I would like to know if a family member has my lost item or if someone else has found it. Will it get returned to me?

  • Can anyone do a reading for me? Thanks

  • Hi Emma,

    Here is a pick up on your feelings,

    Be steady and calm.
    This disruption will pass, and things will clear.
    Your not able to see clearly... need to slow and be calm.
    A younger person who can talk (I get the feeling the person is not directly involved, can't place the feeling)
    There's an older woman who likes to gossip...negative thoughts.
    Strong emotions...go easy...but if used right something can happen.
    Something works out...a feeling of a long breath.
    Some obstacles to work through.
    Some instability.
    Someone not telling the truth.
    Something fails a plan that was not thought out...negative feeling behind it.

    Hope that helps,

  • @tarotnick Hi and thanks for replying. That has been happening around me. There is a lot of negativity around me and I feel is taking the best of me. I even feel that a family member has my lost item. But I sure hope I am wrong. I feel as if it isn't really lost if that makes sense. I am wondering will I ever get it back.

    Also what did you meant by the younger person?

  • A younger person, one who is in there teens or there about...

  • @tarotnick what more can you tell me about that younger person? Also do you pick up anything about my lost phone? Thanks for your time.

  • Hi Emma,

    I would say you are going to find your phone, because the reading looks like it confirms itself twice. I try not to interpret because I pick up on feeling that are for you, but It seems clear that someone has it and you will get it back.

  • @tarotnick okay thank you. But you cant say who you think have it? I just want to rule out a family member since I don't want my slight instinct to be right.

  • Hi Tarot nick I know is been a month now and was just wondering if you can pick up anything new from this topic. Since then I have moved forward and staying positive. But it just recently came to my mind again maybe because I am getting this strong sensation and feeling of to whom may have it. Should I ignore that feeling or is it trying to tell me something?

  • Hi Emma,

    Still need to wait a bit.
    You have the ability to make things happen...put your mind to it.
    You still have mistrust and are suspicious.
    Still need patience, need a bit more time.
    Don't just act because you think it is expected of you because it may lead you to the wrong road.
    You need to fight the discontent...sadness.
    Be strong.
    That older woman is still there and still the same with being negative.
    You can't see what is ahead of you.
    Something good comes.
    Don't let something good turn bad... Think before you react...be gracious.

    Hope that helps,

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  • Thank you Nick. Your words makes me feel at ease. I have been staying positive and strong and I always try to see the brighter picture of everything.

    I always find a way to bounce back whatever I am enduring. Eventhough at times is a bit of a struggle for me since I been dealing with the negativity of those around me. Especially of family members. When I let it get to me it drains me out.

    I kind off know who you may be talking about when you mean you see an older woman.

    Can you please clarify what you mean for me to wait a little more? And for me not to act because is what is expected of me? Not sure what you mean by that.

    That is what I am here again to see what is my inner self trying to tell me. I have been letting it go and keeping myself busy enjoying my husband and kids. Not sure why is coming to my mind again? Is a weird feeling like something telling me not to give up and that is not truly lost. Why do I feel this way?

  • Hi Emma,

    The wait is in finding the phone, from the readings I believe it has to do with the negative feeling woman. (conjecture on my end) The feeling I got was when you find the phone don't flip out. The feeling was the first response you will have is to lash out. When that happens keep me in the back of your head...hahaha whispering be nice....

  • @tarotnick Once I get it back and if I do get it back I dont think I will have any words to even say to that person. All I would want is just to get it back and recuperate the photos in it. Is a lot of memories on that phone. So you do see me getting it back? Should I be worried what they are doing with the phone meanwhile?(hope they weren't able to unlock my screen lol)
    I am curious what can you tell me about this negative person? Why is she doing this and why is she negative towards me? Do you think she has something to do with my phone and the one who may have it? Am I the one who is going to have to find it or will I get it back from that person?
    Yes of course I will keep you in mind when this happens thanks Tarot Nick.😊

  • Both readings suggest that something good will come back so I would think that would be the phone.
    As to whom has it... you think or suspect someone... I would think it would be the negative woman being she popped up twice. Why she did it? some people only think of themselves for their own reasons. I wouldn't worry about the why or what was done...you don't have control over it. When you get it back be happy and just remember to hit save or download to a external drive... easier said then done... I know, you learn to keep hitting save before the document crashes...it takes a few times of lessons learned before it sync's in... My wife keeps going did you back up the tablet yet?... it is easy to push off until it crashes...

  • @tarotnick your absolutely right. It was just a thought since deep down I might already know why. But yes is no point in thinking about that. As long that one day I do hopefully get it back. Thank you so much. I hope to come back to share the good news.

  • so ....any progress? Liked Nick's advice and his way of calming you down and getting you to "analyze" the people and their actions around you.

    IF someone took it ... it might have started out as a joke ... but back fired because they could not return it without you knowing about it. Or someone wanted to teach you a lesson about where you leave your things .. or was just being mean.

    I feel you will get the phone back. I keep feeling it is in your home, keep seeing a bedroom. Feel you should do "deep cleaning" as it could have fallen somewhere not easily to be seen ... or thrown quickly so as not to get caught.

    when family or friends are around have you ever said in a "nice" voice " i miss my phone .... because I can't replace the photos". And leave it at that. Maybe someone will feel guilty and return it to you
    personally or by hiding it.

    maybe your thinking of the phone because it is "talking to you or vibrating " to your energy. When cleaning and searching be sure to check pockets, purses, shoes - anywhere something that size could fit.

  • @badgerwoman No I am sure is not at my house. The last time I had it was when I was leaving my parents house. I might of have dropped it outside where I was parked at or forgot it at their house. Those are the only two places it could of have been. Yes I jokingly brought it up as soon as it happend but they just assured me that a stranger passing by picked it up. But is hard to believe because it was a cold night and nobody was even out or passing by. It was late night too. I even came back within minutes to where I was parked and it was gone. Is so strange to me too I even tried calling it until the battery went dead. Is just a weird feeling I get like as if it isnt lost. I have tried to move on and let this go but I don't understand why I feel this way. There is days where I feel that I shouldnt give up. I dont know what to do about it anymore. Do you think what you and tarot nick is picking up is on my actual feelings of me staying hopeful about it and wanting it back? Or do you actually see me getting it back? I just would like to know if I did indeed dropped it outside and a random stranger picked it up or if a family member has it.

  • Csn you define what this means please?
    "Talking to you or vibrating to your energy"

  • @emma

    IF someone took it while you were at your parents home ... and they visit your home ....they could find a way to hide it in your home. I still see a bedroom involved. Ok so battery is dead and that can't help any more. I don't see it being outside or in a vehicle.

    Things we use or hold or touch a lot can absorb our energies and "feel" us so to speak. So it is possible your phone is sending out psychic images/feelings to you. It could be saying "don't give up" or "I'm over here" or "keep looking" ....or just "don't forget about me"

    There is nothing you can do right now except be patient and keep looking. If you are meant to have it back, it will happen in its own time and place.

    I keep getting the feeling you are upset also because you don't want anyone to see certain photos ....