Reading request - please help me close this chapter

  • I'll try and make it as short as possible. met someone about a year ago. it was the most passionate i've ever felt about anyone. it ended suddenly and i've lost all contact with him. i guess i'm never going to find out what happened, but i'd be very grateful if someone could help me put this to bed. because sadly i still feel a connection with him. is there a future for us? his birthday is 24/10/1975 and mine is 07/08/1981. Thanks for your help...

  • Well i can only say what i have done in face of the same. I located him on white pages, and I reached out. I said to myself if he replies then we have something to build on, and if i get nothing I can bury this and be at peace, bc i know i did my best and i dared to try. So try that. I recently reachd out to a friend i feel a very strong connection to and i now await the return of this. it gave me the dare andf guts to phone another friend and we spoke for 30 minutes.

    i say if ur deep core says this aint over it cam be something, dare to reach out, bc if you wait for him to do it, you can wait forever.

    Good luck sweetie

  • Hi BenteStoker, thanks so much for your feedback. I have already done that several times and he's ignored it. Last time I wrote him in January and I was completely honest with him about how i feel about him and the mistakes i feel i made. i have never before been so completely honest with anyone. that's why i don't understand his silence. he didn't seem like the kind of person who wouldn't reply to that even if he was uninterested. you could say of course that his silence in itself is a reply. and this is why i don't understand why he's still with me everywhere i go a year later. clearly pouring my heart out to him should have freed me. and this is why i was asking for a reading. i know it makes sense to just acknowledge that i tried and he didn't/doesn't feel the same way... but for some reason i can't. i need help from someone who can look inside of him.

  • No, there is no future for you both.

    It was just friendly emotion, there was no real love.

    But you could project on him your other side, your male part of your being.

    It is now time to get even with yourself and discover in yourself that magic, what fascinated you in this man. You have to find your inner balance. And the same energy outside which goes on keeping you unbalanced will lead you to your inner equilibrium, if you look inside.

  • Go fishing hon, more n better great guys out there in the ocean lol

  • i try:) maybe that's part of the reason actually... there's been a real standstill in my love life. i haven't met anyone all year. so i thought maybe it's a sign i'm not meant to be moving on. i did feel like i'm being punished for a long time. anyway, i've consulted with several psychics now and the readings have been quite different. my own intuition says that it probably is not going to happen in the near future. hanswolfgang has a point - i've projected a lot of things on to him. there was a moment where i realised that i've fallen in love with him, but then it fell apart. everything after that was just my interpretation of the potential i saw in him. the fact is, he wasn't ready at the time to be the man i need any more than i was ready to be the worthy party in that relationship. the only reason i feel ready now is because of the work i've done on myself because i lost him. vicious circle.

    what i do feel very strongly however, is that this story is not finished. too much was not said/done... too much was left hanging up in the air. i really don't think there will be balance until there is some sort of a reckoning/clarification between us. maybe by the time it happens neither of us will want a partnership with each other. but i have to hope we'll at least have the chance to clear this mess up at some point in the future.

    thanks guys, for your feedback. appreciate it. much love x

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