Help with a pregnancy reading

  • I asked the question "Am I pregnant" and pulled out 3 cards.
    1st card: 8 of wands (reversed)
    2nd card: Ace of cups
    3rd card: The sun (reversed)

    So I believe that the 8 of wands is a yes, the ace of cups and the sun together mean a female child. But i'm confused by the reversed sun card... I read that it could mean problems with pregnancy, difficulty or unplanned, miscarriage and stillbirth. I also read that it could be negativity with my attitude. I am really hoping that this isn't the case.

    Any input would be very helpful.
    Many thanks.

  • Hello my name is Moonraiz when I seen this post I wanted to help.. I pulled 3 cards as well along with 3 Angel Answer oracle cards and one card from my deck...

    1. Ace of Wands
    2. 5 of Pentacles
    3. The Star

    Angel Cards

    1. Opportunity 2. NO 3.It’s Up To YOU!!!!
      I took a pic of the layout I also have a top card I will upload the pic...
      I feel the Ace of Wands indicates a clear yes well for me New beginnings I mean u can see the thumbs up but then we have the 5 of pentacles to me it seems as if A termination may take place the card shows two ppl out in the cold hurt looking for help... so not sure if u don’t want to have a baby or if ur partner doesn’t want to have a baby and other this was discussed or thought about.. or due to some complications u will have to make a discussion.. bottom line a discussion will need to be made..
      You have the Opportunity the discussion is yours it’s all up to you... Take charge..... NO
      I hope this helps you please keep us updated... wishing you the very Best!!!!!💕💕💕

  • @amnicole Hello Sunshine I forgot I pulled 3 more cards for u just in general from my deck and not sure of ur relationship but I got Trust love next I pulled True love as well as strength... So u may be going thru some minor problems with ur bae then Pregnancy The Universe says it’s all up to You.. But This relationship looks like Live💕💕💕..if you would like a Relationship readings please just let me know...
    Wishing you the Very Best!!!!

  • @moonraizsunset

    Hello thanks so much for helping out,
    Sorry my reply has been so slow!

    My boyfriend and I both want children although a lot has been going on, so the timing is a little off and the past couple of weeks haven’t been the best, but nothing that can’t be worked through.

    My period is expected soon so I will soon find out if I am pregnant or not.
    If I am pregnant I will be thrilled, but If I am not
    pregnant me and my boyfriend are going to discuss when’s a better time to try for a baby.

    I would love a relationship reading!

    Thanks again 💕💕

  • From this reading, I'm betting probably not.

    1.) 8 of wands reversed, something happening too fast or too slow for you.
    2.) Ace of cups, Divine inspiration is running through you. The hope that you're pregnant, maybe?
    3.) The sun reversed, you're disappointed.

    These cards are past, present, future.

    Sign back in and let us know what happened!

  • Ok Great only thing I ask is for feedback as I’m trying to grow Spiritually 💕..
    I wishing u and ur bae all the very best!!!
    Do you have any Question to ask the cards?
    I can just do a general reading if you like

  • Someone may need to be honest about something and doing so will make it easy to Let Go of something or someone that no longer serves you and may also cause conflict within your relationship... Someone may need to reconsider Actions or decisions that have played apart in the relationship.. Someone feels hurt and betrayed backstabbed to the point of feeling like no hope but the love is there and they know it... Someone has been viewing this relationship as True Love So I feel the opportunity is there to change things from lessons learned... Everything you both been through if realized correctly will play apart in the growth of the two of you and your Relationship.. Angels say TIME TO TAKE CHARGE This is the perfect Timing and it’s all up to You!!!!!!! Btw if u had a Question the Answer is NO...Hope this helps..

    When I refer to someone please take it how it resonates either you or him...
    Wishing U a wonderful day full of love and laughter!!!!

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