Mistakenly fell for a cancer man who is unavailable..

  • I got a call from a guy who I had a crush on when I was only a teen...We had always had fun together as friends and I loved his ensasiable smile.So..we started dating through Oct and Nov. And things were gojng really well..so I thought.Except he missed his daughter from his previous relationship and only saw her maybe once a week.
    I guess this is my first time to date a cancer...but he really got my attention.I had never been treated so sweet, and he was very affectionate and caring....He kind of swept me off my feet.Then as soon as I thought everything was great...His ex gf calls begging and pleading for him to come home ..to help with his daughter.Well..he loves her more than life and he finally went back after apologizing to me about the situation.
    Well, he's kept his apartment and I have some of my things there and my own key he had given me before we split up...
    Now every time I've sent a text it goes unanswered.....I just wanted to get my stuff and have closure.He called on the 23rd of Dec.but I missed the call...So what do I do...I hate to just show up but he told me that he's always like me and that I could come and go whenever I want to...it still seems strange and I don't like showing up on my own to get my things..why won't he just say goodbye...and let me know when to pick up my things so I won't run into him..
    I just don't understand this man at all.
    Advice...please.We were and will always be cordial to each other but we can't call each other be sure his gf is extremely jealous.

  • Just go and pick up your things - preferably while he is not there/at work. He has made his choice. Cancer men are not big on saying goodbye and once they are gone, they rarely return. Family is everything to them. You need to move on for your own good.

  • @thecaptain If only my Cancer situation was that easy

    My story started about a month ago when i first saw him, i do volunteer work so I see him every couple days, but he is there every day, the first time I talked to him it was really quick and strictly business. It sounded as if I interrogated him and he looked at me when i first talked but then he looked down. i saw him couple days later and he kept looking at me, i mean i know he sort of stares at people but everytime i walk in, he watches me but only from the distance. When i get close he ignores me. Plus i see him obviously discussing me with everyone he seems to sit next to. Couple more days later i walked up and talk to him and he gave me this very curious sexy Catwoman look. He was watching tv on his phone the whole time and wasn't really paying attention. But then all of a sudden i say i'ma leave at whatever time and then he put's his phone down and starts talking to me and at one point in time. I was talking about my hair because i had gotten gum stuck in it and i had to cut it. I asked him could he tell and he nodded yes. But he just had his look in his eyes and his eyes were so lit up. He's normally kinda caucious. Plus no one really knows him kinda like me. He does the same routine for a couple weeks and then about a month later i came with a poem asking him to be mine and my friend wanted to give it to him so i let her. I let him read it and then walk over and ask is he weirded out and he nods yes and i asked him did he want me to go and he blushed and he said he doesn't really care that he's like whatever. He wasn't weirded out because i liked him, it was because he doesn't really know me. i gave him space for like a week. and then i started talking to him again he seemed pretty talkative that day. When i asked him did he want to listen to my music he blushes and said no. But the next week he was wayyy more distant that usual, apparently my friend texted him about it and he said he didn't know that he didn't know me like that. She's known him for a long time and she said he's low key rude and he would have just told me no if he didn't like me. While i was talking to him he wouldn't look at me at all, He only looked at me once that day when i walked in and it was only real quick. I talk to him and i ask him does he have an answer yet and he shrugged and i asked did he want me to go and he shrugged again and when i was asking him who did he listen to on music he kept saying he doesn't know. I saw him kind of smile for a second but then he quickly stopped. My friend said to tell him that she said to man tf up and give me an answer and he sort of opened his mouth a bit and then close and swallowed a bit. Which i had to tell him because she said she'd make things worse if i didn't and that she was going to fight him. Which she really will so i had to. I did explain that i didnt want to tall him that and what she said and that i was sorry. I told him i wasn't trying to pressure him and explained it's kinda hard to talk to him when he doesn't talk much. he didn't say anything. He didn't even say hi back when i walked up that day. I really donno what to do, ??? Can you help?

  • It really is that easy - you either put up with bad treatment or you don't.

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