SOS love lost!!! Help PLS!!!

  • My ex boyfriend, Taurus born 22nd May 1985. It’s so hard to work him out & for some reason randomly he broke up with me a year ago, yet I still find myself wishing we were together & wondering what happened ?? for him to want to break up what we (at least I know I did)both believed we were meant for each other!? I’m a cancer born 18/7/84 @2:44pm in Australia, we both are born in Canberra but I don’t know his time of birth to find out anything about him through his birth chart...can anyone help?We were only together 8mths but we went through a LOT! Both of us were in bad shape when we first found each other & it was so randomly that we did was like it was meant to be, was it? Also he did say that maybe in a year or 6mths time we would get back together but he just couldn’t continue at that time?? What should I do? Should I write him a letter asking why & what happened? I don’t even know if he has moved on but all I know is the time I was with him I was the happiest & most loved I’ve felt! I’m scared I’ll never find love again...will I? As a Cancer I’m to shy to leave my house or go online dating sites...pls help me as I’m 34yrs old & fear I’ll only ever have passed love!? What should I do??? Do I just need closure from him or do I need to find a way to meet other guys? I love withall I have so I feel like he still has my heart forever, will he?

  • TR, a dark side can manifest strongly in many areas of this relationship, raising the possibility of illicit, destructive and excessive forms of behaviour. A love affair here will be tumultuous and unstable. Should your desires get out of hand, TR, they may have to be capped, like a burning oil well. But your wisdom, self-control and self-knowledge are usually great enough to prevent this from happening, but it may still lead to a different problem, resulting in a self-protectiveness that will prove a sexual challenge to your more aggressive partner, who will long to break through such a barrier. Although rebellious, he will often back off in fear, and may wind up depending instead on your protective, caring and nurturing qualities, or else he will just leave as he did. Your ex can be controlling, smothering and/or obsessive and he hates if his partner tries to take the lead in any way. He can also be very touchy and manipulative at times. You may have just had a lucky escape.

  • @trulyrich I am sorry you are in the same boat.

  • @trulyrich
    Dear cancerian In my opinion you should see other guys too. Being kept hanging can be a very bad state in some one's life. You never know what life has to offer to you unless you get out of your shell and explore. I feel you,we cancerians are homely creatures and we love home more than anything else. But you should think about yourself here. Unless and untill you meet new people you will never find out what's there for you. You should go out often and give yourself a chance in love. May be someone else is waiting for you who knows. 👍🏻 Good luck gurl.

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    Can you please do a reading for the future for @TrulyRich?

  • TrulyRich, are you sure that is the right date for your boyfriend as 22nd May makes him a Gemini and not a Taurus?

  • @thecaptain OMG....that’s so scarily true like to the tee!!! Sorry it is 22nd April🤗& I’m in Australia too! I thank you so much for you advice & reading it’s so different to read it & realising that it wasn’t all roses in fact, he did have total control over me, which was a first for me as I’m usually strong in my independence area but I was totally smittened by him! I can understand that it wasn’t healthy & I’m not going to run back or try to get in touch at all but do you have any type of wisdom as in how I can get out & about as in what areas/things I could do? Also any career or life advice because I am stuck frozen in’s the worst feeling as I don’t wanta leave me house as I’m scared of what’s out there & unsure of myself, which never used to be the case but I just have lost a LOT in passed year or 2 & that includes myself! 🙏🙏truly thank you!!! I’m grateful beyond belief...your right I dodged a bullet for sure amen to that🙌👍 u rock!!!

  • @anon_undertaker thank you Lmao I’m a shocker when it comes to going out anywhere...I get so anxious I usually don’t go & bail out last minute but if I do get there as long as it’s people I know I’m usually the life of the party which seems weird...I know! Do you have any advice for me as to how I can break my fears & what types on things I could do even?? I really lack motivation as well & I’ve only got my guy BF & about 2 good friends But I don’t want to relaying I them to save me, as it’s not fair as it’s my problem!!! How do & what do u do to overcome this??

  • TrulyRich, if you choose to embrace its energy and direction, 2019 for you can be a new beginning, a whole new chapter of your life. And you will need to approach it this way. Put old ways, attitudes and past failures or disappointments behind you now and start afresh with a clean slate. The year ahead will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, and new opportunities - particularly related to career, social life, and creativity - will emerge. You may at times feel called to stand on your own this year, and your creativity and inventiveness will be at their peak. You will need to revise your current job or study course and decide if it makes you happy or whether it needs some improvement or even a complete change. The same goes for your personal life - now is the time to find new, more compatible companions. It can be a somewhat lonely year with the feeling that a lot rests on your shoulders and only you can get it done - without help from others. But you must believe you can succeed and begin over this year, no matter what the last few years have been like. 2019 is going to be devoted to achievement in the material world and reaching your goals through organization, creativity, and endurance. Get ready for a high-intensity year. Watch, however, for impulsiveness and rash emotionally-driven decision making in 2019. Don’t waste it with frivolous activities or useless relationships. This is a year of action and a time to follow opportunities that will come your way. You will likely feel a sense of renewed energy at this time. It is OK to be a little selfish and self-involved in 2019. Take some time for introspection and self-discovery, as it will add to your clarity and sense of direction. This is definitely a time to have courage, make plans, and avoid indecision. It is a time of work, as you are laying new foundations, and opening up to new opportunities. Avoid being impulsive or headstrong as I said, yet be willing to change for the sake of your own personal progress and happiness. This is an auspicious time to begin new relationships and make new connections for personal or business reasons. The seeds you plant in 2019, you will reap later. Others might find you less sociable, as you will be busier than ever and you will tend to focus on your own activities and your needs. Yet you will still be outgoing and your initiative will be stronger than ever now. Advice - stand alone, take action, start fresh, and express your independence. Next year will be an ‘us’ year as opposed to this year of ‘just you’. 2020 will focus on relationships of all kinds.

    So then 2019 is a time for new beginnings, and you may see this reflected in any or every area of your life; getting a new haircut or makeover, receiving an exciting new job offer or promotion, starting a new relationship, taking on new commitments, a new home or a brand-new health regime – anything is possible. Perhaps the benevolent Universe will offer you a complete change of life, with the chance to walk down a new path, or purposefully head off in a different direction. This year your attitude towards life can radically shift so that everything appears new and fresh. In 2019, you may feel inexplicably excited. This is because a whole new cycle lies ahead and you are right at the beginning of it. In order to make the most of these new opportunities, there might be a period of decay where situations seem to break down and get worse for a while; this is a ‘healing crisis’ where all the muck needs to come out in order to cleanse and clear, so you can be left glowing and healthier. Endurance is needed. Perhaps you may also experience a temporary loss of direction, as your subconscious is processing where and what you need to do next. During this period, you may feel particularly influenced to follow others in their direction, particularly if they are strong characters, but be very honest with yourself about your needs before you take any action. For example, perhaps your partner wants you both to move house immediately, but you don’t, so you need to speak up and, if appropriate, arrive at a happy compromise. There is a saying, ‘whoever dares wins’, and this year putting yourself out there and getting more deeply involved with life can be both fruitful and fulfilling. Complacency may set in if you set unrealistic goals which, like New Year’s resolutions, suddenly fly out of the window with the first breeze. A positive mind will help you glide through any challenges that stop you attaining your goals, and it will probably be only you who creates major obstacles in the way of your success during this year. 2019 will see you working with issues around your independence; whether this is financial or material, or wanting emotional detachment, you will find out. Perhaps you are too fiercely independent already and need to learn to reach out and join in with a partner, family or friends. Or perhaps you need to become less dependent on other people for approval or help or love. The year is asking you to step forward on your own and for yourself, so that you can grow stronger and be strong for others. There may be issues around self-worth this year, and embarking upon a personal development course, consulting a life coach or reading self-help books can give you some guidance about how to resolve these. It’s a great time for intellectual development, and you may also be drawn to discover more about matters of the mind and soul.

    After the age of thirty-five, you will become more discriminating, businesslike and efficient. The need to work with and serve others will be as strong as ever for you, but this time the emphasis will be on supplying creative and progressive solutions, making you a potentially powerful figure in your community.

    The key words for you this year are: new beginnings, initiatives, decisions and individuality.

    Of course, TR, being a Cancer, your home is your sanctuary. But it can also become your prison. Still you can be safe anywhere if you just connect with your intuition. If you follow its guidance, you will always know what to do in any situation. But you can be too involved in other people's lives and problems that you neglect the voice of your intuition and also your own needs. The reasons for this include your strong feelings of empathy with others, as well as a somewhat insecure need to ground yourself in the bonds of camaraderie that come from serving a common cause and receiving recognition. You have to get in touch with what you really want so you can know how to proceed. Ask your intuition specific, focused questions and wait for the answer. It may show up in the form of an amazing coincidence or a luck-making thought in your head.

    Essentially, what you really want is to be totally free to pursue Truth, have adventures, be spontaneous, and be right 100% of the time. You want to speak completely from your Truth and intuitive processes and to have everyone understand you, learn from you, and appreciate your help. You must try to stop focusing on your own Truth and begin to focus on those around you. You must listen to - and understand - the information that others share about their lives. When you listen in this way, sometimes you have an 'Aha!' insight that is exactly the perspective that the other person needs. And because this information accurately addresses the other's problem, it will be gratefully accepted.

    Love and relationships: you need to ensure that you find ways to express your negative emotions; repressing them will lead to unhappiness and confusion. You must understand that emotions, such as fear, anger, guilt, and sadness, should not be ignored but listened to because they have something important to say to you. Getting in touch with your emotions is therefore crucial, and if you can’t do this alone, you may benefit from therapy or counseling or just talking with a good friend. You need to be more open and honest with yourself and other people. Even though you may appear very secure outwardly, when feeling insecure, you may seek out one or more partners to give you a better sense of yourself. You have paradoxical energy in that you need a strong person to lean on and yet you tend to try to control everybody in your world. Issues of power and control, as well as insecurity, can affect your sex life and you may either give away your power or abuse it, preferring either to be overpowered or to be in charge. Your personal relationships serve as a mirror to help you understand and balance your life.

    Career - you are a natural leader, with the important qualities of authority, sensitivity, and creativity that can help solve any problem. Depending on whether you are working your issues with power and authority in positive or negative ways, you will either apply power wisely and with authority or else use it to subjugate others. You may guide other people at school, home, or at work through your innately powerful mind and creative ideas. You will often identify with a group or cause and may therefore be attracted to work in sports, politics, or religion. You can also excel in a leadership position in education, research, science, public relations, or philosophy. You would make a capable inventor, innovator and a leader in creative fields, such as business or fine arts. Whatever career you choose, you will never be happy being told what to do, so it is imperative for you not to stay in a servile position for too long. Whether as a business entrepreneur, an empire builder, a head of state or head of a small business, a preacher or a problem-solver, you can stand out in your field. Your destiny is to learn to think independently and not always identify yourself with others. Once you are able to recognize the importance of individual and community needs, you can become a powerful force for justice and progress in your community and the world.

    Finances: in the financial area, you may experience self-sabotage, both desire and fear, and a tendency toward feast or famine. You may want some help and support in handling your finances but you don't really trust anyone enough to let them advise you without sticking your nose in. Having a stable, conservative personal or business partner who is good with money can help. When you dedicate your creativity towards the common good, making a positive difference in the world, money will come to you naturally. The more energy and service you put into the world, the more abundance will come back.

    In summary: you are a feisty fighter who came to this lifetime to learn to curb your rebellious impulses and steady your energy. Imbued with a passionate brand of creative thinking, you must learn how to harness it to maximum effect. Wrapped up in broad philosophies and big ideas, you must move toward a greater focus on the details since your ultimate success lies in how you evaluate and present information. Gifted with a restless, active mind, you can burn out easily, not accomplishing what you set out to do. You must learn to cultivate patience and to modulate your energy by slowing down and embracing the present rather than looking to the future or chasing after the past – ie. what may lie ahead or what might have been. An expansive individual, you will learn to harmonise your energy and, in so doing, gain much to teach the world about compromise. You have the ability to disseminate ideas and data in one form or another. Mentally agile, you possess the quickness of mind to channel information to a broader audience whether through speaking, writing, or any media format. In fact, you may be a wonderful storyteller with a true gift for the art of narrative. You are oriented toward spiritual ideas and broad philosophies, often searching for truth and justice. A passionate individual, you yearn for a better world - and you are often willing to fight for it. All too aware of problems, your response to what you see is a desire to overturn it, change it, or fix it. Often quite the rebel or iconoclast, your personality is tumultuous, ranging from a stubborn resistance to change to a desire to topple the existing order, caring little about what is destroyed in the process. Your great gift is the dynamo-like energy that pushes you forward. Unfortunately, this intensity is not often regulated in a productive way. Your interests are eclectic and you can fly every which way, without accomplishing anything. Burning as brightly as you do, you can flame out quite easily. becoming frustrated and/or isolating yourself when your efforts fail to bear fruit.

    You are easily bored and rarely satisfied with whatever is going on in the moment. Because you are apt to drop what you are doing to rush off in search of the next or latest thing, never leaving your mark anywhere, career success may elude you despite your high aspirations. You may leave things unfinished as you flit from one cause or hobby to another, only to drop it as you chase the next ‘butterfly’. Also, your work may get sloppy since you tend not to check facts or double-¬check data. Your main lesson is to steady and regulate your own energy as well as your thinking. Slowing down and modulating your emotional swings will be crucial for any kind of achievement. As simple as it sounds, you need to stop and think before you act or speak. Particularly since being a combative type, you can over-react, and often vengefully. Tending to put your 'all' into everything, you may often end up short of energy or interest when the time comes to finish what you started. Your dynamic energy is your gift, a font of endless inspiration for you - if you could just learn how to modulate your energy flow and focus, much like water or electricity, you would avoid getting bogged down in fruitless struggles and become able to call upon this source at will, directing it to the successful achievement of a variety of goals. Restless and full of energy, you always seem to want more. This expansiveness and thirst for more input or ever larger plans and goals can be quite wearing on yourself and on others. Part of your life experience is to develop more patience. Apt to be either forward seeking or backward looking, too often you can overlook what’s right in front of your nose. It is important for you to practice taking the time to fully evaluate and understand the information, data, or input before you. Not only will making peace with what is in the present moment make you happier, it will cause you to become more observant and oriented toward facts as opposed to simply ideas. Gathering information in the right way will enable you to present it most effectively as well. Moreover, given that you are often overly focused on the big picture with big ideas in mind, you can be a bit judgmental. Developing more acceptance of the way things are wouldn’t hurt you. It might even serve to temper your hunger for ever new forms of experience. You may discover that simply taking a different route to the office can be just as fulfilling a new experience as jumping on a plane to join a protest in Paris.

    There is a need for you to create harmony here in the sense of a pleasing or sympathetic arrangement or presentation of ideas and facts. Data is just data until you do something creative with it. Thus, how information is presented and expressed is important for you. You are destined to learn how to package information as attractively as possible - how to give it grace and beauty of form - how to make it 'say' something, to 'speak' to people. Rather than inflicting your ideas fractiously and forcefully on others, you will learn how to put forth your thoughts without putting off your audience. Music, singing, chanting, or speaking may be particularly important for you as a means of communicating. Learning how to modulate your voice for maximum effect will also prove significant. 'Harmony' is a theme for you for other reasons too. Having learned how to modulate a variety of divergent energies within yourself, you can become adept at handling such energies in your environment. Combined with a talent for assessing large amounts of information, you may find yourself later in life acting in the role of moderator. Encouraging negotiation and compromise, you can engineer peaceful resolutions to conflict. This talent will come from hard-won experience. As a spirited type, you have to learn to walk away from a fight. You may one day be called to promote harmony by teaching others how to temper their combative tendencies and express their own views in a moderate yet effective manner. For now though, people may tend to view you as aloof and in some ways unapproachable, despite your considerable magnetism and charm, since you tend to fly off on a moment’s notice or are often wrapped up in your own thoughts. Learning to release such elusiveness, and simply to slow down, will be essential to the success of your business and social life. However, as you mature, you will become more patient with people, more “present,” and will put greater effort into harmonious relations with others. You will always be somewhat mercurial by nature however and will discover that your loved ones, not to mention your business associates and clients, will seem to need more of your time than you are prepared to give.

    Alternatively, you may fritter your energy away on too many involvements or idle pursuits. Thus, monitoring and adjusting the energy given to your relationships will also be required if you are to find the middle ground between the extremes of selfishness and altruism. Although you may always be most comfortable with just a few deep, intimate relationships, you will tend to be surrounded by a variety of more superficial ones. You might be a believer in 'the grass is always greener on the other side' theory, so you may be hard-pressed to stick to one partner. Commitment is not your forte. Another problem for you may be promiscuity, particularly given your passionate nature. However, a stable family life can be your best form of grounding. Even if you have a secret life away from your family, you will always depend heavily on them to provide the steadiness you so sorely need. You can also ground yourself in some type of formal higher education. Despite the fact that you may have felt the urge to rebel against authority and quit school to focus your energy on immediate social advancement or financial gain, it would be beneficial if you took advantage of any opportunity to sample a variety of philosophical, technical, or artistic pursuits later in life. Going to a university, attending a community college, or simply taking a few adult education courses will also teach you different methods of presenting information, while holding you to exacting and rigorous standards for fact checking and attribution of sources.

    So overall, You are here to combine creativity and material success, learning to apply your power and express your energy with compassion and generosity. You are not here to achieve wealth or influence for their own sake, but rather in the service of a greater and larger cause, whether a small circle of friends or colleagues, or the community at large. Still, you will have to battle with powerful insecurity and self-doubt, as well as a tendency to give away, avoid, or sabotage your own power or abundance. You may especially do this with your mouth, since you are also here to deal with issues of expression. You must eventually get in touch with and express your feelings and sensitivities, overcome that self-doubt, and deal with issues related to repressed anger toward authorities so that you can take on your own authority. Your independent, controlling nature (you can be overly solicitous and helpful at first, but if you over-help, you can rebound into resentment) with its repressed or explosive power can make you hard to live and work with until you gain more maturity and become able to control yourself, rather than others, and direct your considerable energy to creative contributions that uplift and empower those around you, helping others find their own source of energy and inspiration. You are unlikely to follow the conventional path in either your personal or professional life, However, although you are self-disciplined, intelligent and actually innately sociable, the true inspiration you seek will lie in the realms of emotional satisfaction. You are a gifted problem solver able to find a better way for others; but once you understand that the best way for you is the inner way and trusting your highly developed intuition, you will find that you attract countless opportunities for your own happiness and true fulfillment. You can enjoy an especially fulfilling life’s journey, particularly when you use your communicative gifts for more than purely personal ends. Quite able to cultivate the qualities of focus and mental discipline necessary for self-realization, you will nevertheless have to regulate a tendency toward emotional extremes and overtaxing yourself by taking on an excess of responsibilities. Though you may at times fall into the alarmist and zealot extreme, it is likely that you will become the kind of person admired not only for your fine mind and formidable energy, but for your keen perceptions and communicative skills. If you can fight the tendency to spring into action when action is not necessarily appropriate, you can realize tremendous fulfillment and self-realization along this life path. And so, to sum up, your core life lessons are to slow down and steady your energy, and to try to curb your need for more. Your ultimate life goal must be to cultivate the patience to work with the information before you, and to use your innate gifts of empathy, charm, creativity, courage, commitment, nurturing, enterprise, persuasion, drive, inspiration, expressiveness, and versatility to achieve success and happiness.

    Good luck!

  • @thecaptain Thank you that is a lot to take in but feel you right & I am grateful for your guidance, which is much needed! I’ll keep this to remind myself & to refresh my thoughts when I need too, thank you so much, as I’ll need & appreciate both your advice & good luck🤗🙏👏🙏

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