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  • Hey guys hope you can help me. My friend wants to know if she had already met the one for her and other clues. Really appreciate it. 🙂 bod: 10-15-92

  • What is the birth date of the person she thinks is her soulmate?

  • @thecaptain she says 08/21/81

  • @raspberrygirl this could work out well for your friend as the relationship is very conducive to marriage. There is an easy camaraderie between this pair and ideas can fly back and forth in a generally relaxed environment. Your friend can be powerfully dominating, but her aggression will be less apparent in this relationship. For his part, her partner may feel free enough with her to express his creativity and originality, knowing he is appreciated and understood. In fact, the relationship can mark a high point in both these people's lives, working to renew their good feelings about themselves and to reaffirm their self-confidence. Friendship alone would not work out here.

    Your friend needs a partner who can keep up with her dynamic mental energy. Naturally charming and seductive, she should have no problems attracting partners, but once in a close relationship, she may react badly with mood swings or tempestuous behaviour if her freedom is restricted in any way. As a result, long-term commitment could be a problem until she has learned the value of compromise.

  • @thecaptain that's cool. However, I found out that they were not dating. My friend wants to know of they are compatible and if marriage is in her future. I hope she gets married

  • @raspberrygirl well, it ain't gonna happen unless your friend makes a move!

  • @thecaptain she's making steps now.

    Can you also see what her career life has in store for her?

  • @raspberrygirl what is her career?

  • @thecaptain she works for an international company and has recently been transferred/promoted as an analyst.

  • raspberrygirl, 2019 is a new start for your friend, a new chapter of her life, and she must approach it that way. It is time for her to reconsider her career (and whole life) and make the necessary changes to it that will make her happy. Your friend's greatest wish is to make a positive contribution to the world. She is very proud and likes to have things her own way, but she needs to learn the art of compromise and to be less competitive. Born with a pragmatic orientation, she must take care not to be bound down or tethered by the mundane details of life but rather to dare to dream and to reach for the stars. Of course, the hardheaded, commonsense attitude that is her blessing is a fine gift and should never be abandoned, particularly in financial matters. But unless she is ready to go for greatness when the opportunity arises, she will sell herself short and fail to achieve all that she is capable of. Finding the right moment for action will be essential. Blessed with excellent intuition, your friend would do well to cultivate it and listen to it. Although her core energy is exploratory and risk-­taking, this does not by any means guarantee her a good sense of timing. Both impatience and fussiness must be guarded against, since the former will lead to striking too soon, the latter too late. Overshooting the mark is, of course, a danger for someone as expansive as your friend. Part of the problem is that she may not even be aware she has made a miscalculation because she can have difficulty acknowledging failure. After all, picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and proceeding ahead demands the recognition that you have fallen down in the first place. In this respect, having an objective friend (you?), partner, or relative who can be totally honest with her can be lifesaving.

    Your friend is likely destined for an out­-of-­the-­ordinary level of career success and can become a leader. Moving up through the ranks and growing in confidence and stature as part of an organization would be typical for her. While she will always have a bit of insecurity inside, this can give her the push she needs to get to the top. Once she arrives at an executive level, however, she will face two choices. One is to take over the leadership of her company with enthusiasm, vigour, and vision. The other is to leave corporate life and go off on her own, ultimately establishing herself as an independent consultant, entrepreneur, writer, performer, or other authority in her field. No matter what her choice may be, if successful, your friend will leave her mark on the world. It should also be noted that such a career may not develop along traditional lines, but will tend to grow more out of some passion or leisure-­time activity.

    Because she is so intelligent and mentally restless, your friend will thrive best in a career that allows her a certain degree of autonomy and plenty of challenge. Best career choices include publishing, education, promotion, philosophy, music, law, sales, IT, engineering, social work, or psychology. Your friend also possesses high energy, healing hands, and sensitive intuition. She would make an excellent counsellor who could grasp important subtleties about her clients. When her inborn leadership and authority shine through, she can inspire others and she can find fulfillment in the field of healing or in a business that helps people. Many forms of healing exist for mind, body and emotions, including hands-on bodywork or energy work like Reiki, writing, teaching, and motivating others. She could even get involved in the business of personal growth. No matter what her livelihood, your friend will enjoy it most if given the opportunity to use her inner gifts, creative energies and natural sense of authority.

    Until the age of thirty-eight, there will be a growing emphasis in her life on issues regarding emotional change and personal power. During this period, she would benefit greatly from the study of psychology. She already has a natural understanding of human nature, but investigating more deeply would provide her with the answers to many unanswered questions about herself and other people and it can really boost her career (and personal) prospects. After the age of thirty-nine, your friend will reach a turning point when she will expand her mental perspective and become more adventurous in her approach to life. If she can learn to moderate her urge constantly to act as an independent agent and always remember that others will look to her for guidance, insight and inspiration, she can become not only a positive role model but also a powerful agent of progress.

  • @thecaptain wow. She's got a great life ahead of her should she do as you advice. Does this mean she would not settle down to build a family, instead do great on her career?

  • @raspberrygirl well she can build up her career first to the point where she has time and energy to give to a family.

  • @thecaptain thank you so much! That's all she needed to know as she said. Hopefully, she'll join here soon. 🙂

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