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  • Hello,

    Looking for help again interpreting this reading - it was for myself and I always find it tricky doing self readings. Anyone else?

    Basically I was curious to see what might happen between to options, involving people, and some guidance on how to move forward. I also pulled a fourth card to see any subconscious help/hindrance.

    What does this say to you?

    Option 1 - Reversed 4 of Pentacles
    Option 2 - Reversed 3 of Pentacles
    Advice - Strength Reversed

    Possible Help/Hindrance - The Magician Reversed

    I feel like they are telling me I need to look internally and find a way to move forward, I have everything I need there but I!am holding myself back. Maybe both options I am looking at aren't right.
    However, I feel there is a real block atm in all aspects of my life and I don't quite know yet how to proceed with anything.

    Many Thanks,



  • The trick to reading yourself or people close to you is to step back mentally and don't read and interpret as you go. Pretend it is for someone you don't know...I separate my feelings and not try to read what I want to hear.
    What i pick up is you are running against obstacles and having a hard time getting out of your own way. No focus and feeling blah... which isn't helping with the direction. Understand that and then take steps to a plan, focus small and then build on it.

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