To Blmoon-Need to know what I'm doing wrong

  • Hi Bloom, hope you had a good Christmas with your loved ones and that you are feeling awesome.
    Sorry to bother you with the same issue. Currently I'm off meds for the embolism I did last year, after a lot of exams and tests it was decided that I don't need them anymore and that I'm healthy. I was so happy with this diagnosis as you know blood thinners are terrible for our body. So last year for me was all about recovery, make myself stronger, flexible free of anxiety, but... the end of the year for me was terrible, I had excruciating leg and neck pain, my whole spine was blocked went to a osteopath and on New year's Eve, suddenly while watching a kids movie I started feeling my heart trembling got up and was nauseous, cold I checked the blood pressure and it was 11/10; heart beat 63 and this continued for about 2 hours, so I took a pill to help with the anxiety that was starting to flair up, lay down on my bed and half an hour before 12 the blood pressure was already 10/6 and I was feeling much better.
    Since then I'm doing again anxiety attacks and heart doesn't settle.
    I swear to you that I've been meditating, doing reiki, taking teas,vitamins and was getting better and now this? I'm so tired of feeling like crap, I did all the tests and no one starts suffering from the heart out of the blue and it's definitely not another blood clot coz I would be dead by now if it was. I'm also tired of hospitals and having the docs look at me like I'm crazy. Im asking for your insight because I really can't figure this out, what is that the spirit/ universe wants from me that I'm not doing?
    And why I'm having such a hard time in appreciating life again?

  • I just came across this today! It did not show up in MY notifications. I just felt like going outside the notifications. I often wonder about connections yet do not see them under my notifications so now suspecting notifications are not always full proof. I was in Texas few weeks to visit family. Like you I had some joint spine...rib issues come up and was lucky to have someone bring up a chiropractic walk in. Of course I tend to have a high tolerance for pain and waited until I was very miserable! I had odd pain in my right chest driving up but blew it off. Mostly, these things go away on their own but this progressed and finally I listened and went in to that walk in clinic. Actually I went back the next day as well even though he helped. I almost didn't bother with the second visit. Found out second visit I had a floating rib! I was shocked...never heard of a dislocated rib! I looked it up and it's real. I really feel for you as I have suffered with joint inflammation and weird pains all my life. I suspect my latest was from a fall I took off the kitchen counter painting my kitchen during a busy time before Christmas. I am a VERY active person and it comes with the territory. I thought I was fine. Also, some of us are very sensitive to others and pick up too much physical reactions. I have always had this so know nothing else. Only that it can be frustrating when early on trying to get medical answers for real pain that doctors can't diagnose. I was told in my 20's I had arthritis and prescribed pain meds but I quickly realized that was not a life long answer. I got tired of feeling crazy and paying doctors for no answers. I got into holistic medicine and researched for years natural supplements for my issues. I also had to accept the reality of being an em path and being psychic. I pick up other's energy and health issues. Also, I react to stress differently. If I do not get enough alone peaceful time in a happy place I will suffer inflammations, tightness in neck and back, blood pressure rises. I eventually learned my supplement needs. I need daily magnesium with potassium and calcium. These are not for the novice as these do affect the heart. Being low or too high can cause heart and blood pressure fluctuations. I know my limits. I get my magnesium from a powder called natural CALM raspberry-lemon flavor made by NATURAL VITALITY. When mixing you first use a little very hot water so it releases and fizzes...then add more water. I take this at night with potassium and calcium. Without these I suffer muscle cramps blood pressure rises and heart palpitations...just an all over icky feeling! Also, constipation. I have always dealt with anxiety which mostly are part of being psychic and an empath. I dealt with it by working through it. I was a runner, dancer, and other words anxiety attacks respond to activity and deep breathing. As I aged this became not so much a doable answer! Working hard gets limited! I was diagnosed with PTSD after my son died and prescribed an anti-anxiety drug as needed. I resisted at first as mostly I avoid meds. But after 10 years I am grateful for these pills. I have never needed an increase and take the same dose. So, it is no shame to consider that choice altho with so many addicts out there it's looked at differently. You can't have any addiction issues or there is always the possibility of abuse. I really think you need to find an alternative medical option. I feel your frustration. I once sat in a specialist office when I was in my twenties trying to figure out why I had gout symptoms so bad I had days I could not walk! This was a re feral from another doctor who couldn't fix it with any treatments and my second referal. They all gave meds that made things worse. Steroids, pain meds. My doctor search ended with the last old jerk of a doctor...berating me! He asked me how much I drank? I'm like what? He did not believe me that I had the normal occasional drink and he was rude accusing me of lying and only older alcoholic men get gout! I went home crying and 70 bucks poorer which was a lot back in the 70's. I decided to listen to my own good guidance and spent a lot of time in the library. And prayed a lot. I stopped eating meat and immediately felt better. I followed the anti gout diet. Years later I had anemia issues so added chicken turkey and fish back into my diet. I realized for ME red meat causes inflammation as well as being psychic I absorb the animal's pain. Sounds crazy but I'm not alone on that one. I also found I am very sensitive to additives and soda. In other words I pay attention to foods I ate before I feel bad. Often we will crave the foods we shouldn't eat. I used to love tomato soup but learned years later I am allergic to tomatoes! What I'm saying is to go a different path on your health issues. Pray for guidance and try alternative remedies. I think Spirit is encouraging you to not rely on the medical field alone but to fine tune your own connection to your body and intuition. I was lucky to find a health food store that was not a chain but the owner was in it for the love of it and if I had an issue I'd ask her! She always knew what I should try. I'm sending you a prayer! Stay in touch. BLESSINGS!

  • OH BIG PS....I think I told you before you need to drink LOTS of water. You have an EXTRA need for water.

  • @blmoon Just like you I miss a lot with this new tarot feed, for me it's a pain, lol. I identified so much with everything that you wrote, and I'm sorry for your son. All my life I was an empath and could feel and sometimes see the dead people or animals, i've never fully developed any of the other gifts, I can say I have almost all of them but in crises I don't function well. For years I thought I was mentally insane, at 14 after much praying it stopped, on my 35 birthday everything started again.
    And with pains and problems that no doctor can explain.
    When I did the embolism I knew I wasn't going to die but was scared coz I wasn't sure if it was cancer, I also knew that I was going to drop the pills, but sure wasn't expecting for my anxiety to flare up.
    Since that time I've been experiencing all sorts of pain and looking for an explanation.
    Did an MRI this year, so I have a cervical hernia between C1 and 2 and the other 2 are showing a bit compressed but with no hernia, my lower back L5 is fractured, so the doc said that it's only fixed with surgery, but both are complicated,the lower back vertebra will fuse with iron and I'll have pains for the rest of my life, the other theres always the complication of becoming a vegetable. Plus only when i stop moving my hands and legs its when they will operate. It sucks because like you I don't like to sit, I worked my ass off all my life, very independent and now not being able to clean my house or drive my car is driving me nuts.
    I'm taking glucosamine msm and condroitin, I'm noticing its helping a lot, plus will start to exercise, gonna register at water gym classes too, I'm gonna fight this as long as I can. The doc wants me to take for 4 months(Lyrica) a med for the nerve pains wich gives me a lot of the anxiety, I'm still rethinking.
    I'm also considering in doing a mopfood, which consists in indentifying the culprits that makes me feel bloated, tired and with reflux. Already change the regular salt for Himalayan salt they say it's better for the blood pressure. I'm lactose intolerant so I'm also careful with gluten. My body stopped asking for meat, once in a while I eat red meat but only when he asks and I always give thanks to the animal that was sacrificed, something that I never did before. Because I live in an island (Portugal) I can find house killed animals and eggs, they are still killed with respect.
    I work in very stressed environment, I feel everybody's stress, I'm in charge of delegating work and making sure it's done correctly but they do it the way they please and when something goes wrong I end up fixing it, it's frustrating. Plus having a coworker and a boss that don't help it's not good either. On a bad day I have to take an extra anti-anxiety pill, which I don't like.
    To be honest Blmoon a break would feel awesome and you are right about the water, I don't like water it's a constant fight😄.
    Thank you for sharing your life with me, it meant a lot, it's always good to know that we are not alone, and in sharing sometimes we see a light. Again, I'm so grateful for your knowledge.

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