TarotNick can you plz do me a reading

  • What can you pick up? Something happened which I can't put my finger on it that really affected me physically and mentally. I was doing fine.

  • Hi mariapisces,

    This is what I picked up,

    I get the feeling you didn't tell the truth about something.
    Possibly about a friend, something you wanted.
    You are feeling like you can't get out of your own way.
    You want something to happen...no patience.
    There were obstacles and you plowed through them.
    You found something out of it, in a way it made it feel right.
    The truth should come out soon.
    You have so many ideas that you don't know which way to turn so you are just hoping it turns out right.
    Think through what you want and if you start something make sure you put everything into it.
    A feeling of loneliness, like you can not connect.
    You are going to have trouble seeing what is going to happen.

    Not a fun reading, I feel sad and troubled. I am not sure what happened, but you need to make a clear picture of what you want. Start small like a blank page and start creating a picture that you want to see. It is ok to start small and make it grow...make it shin for you...then you can start putting other things in and before you know it, it will shine for others.

    Hope that helps,

  • @tarotnick in Nov.2017 I almost died, did a pulmonary embolism, spent all 2018 recovering, in constant fear, at the hospital they addicted me in ansiolitics, my anxiety levels were always high and did several panic attacks in a last attempt of fixing myself end up at a shrink, got worse almost killed me, my thyroid collapsed too. Due the time spent laying down on my left side of the body my escolioses got worse, now I'm in constant pain, leg and neck mainly. When this pain surges, which happened on the Christmas night, my anxiety levels got out of control. Literally I've been thru hell last year, not only in health but emotionally due a lot of human/pet losses so important to me. Currently I'm having a hard time enjoying life and making plans, I lost the taste for everything, I don't feel depressed but more like disappointed because I've been trying and doing my best to overcome this, I see a light at the end of the tunnel lasts 2 days than it's dark again. I meditate, I do reiki, I'm an empath too, sometimes I forgot to protect myself, I was a medium maybe I still am but I feel I lost the connection. I constantly wonder what is expected from me. To be honest this emboly thing traumatized me and I can't shake it off.
    I'm so sorry for making you feel my disappointment and sadness. I'm so Grateful. Thank you

  • @mariapisces So sorry to hear that you are struggling. The sun will come with the spring but the days are already getting longer. so take care. and best of luck. I am so glad TarotNick did your reading. 😺

  • Hi mariapisces,

    So let's take a baby step toward making you shine. You are a blank page today. It can start from now. Learn from where you have been...and Breath...I tell my daughter who has anxiety needs many reminders and the thyroid problem doesn't help either because she has both Graves and Hashimoto and it was a ride of extra energy to no energy...which added to the problems. So I understand (seeing it, not having it) What I tell her is stop and breath slow down the endorphins, realize you are in control...tell me what is going on and I calmly, slowly work through them. So Breath slow the brain and understand why you are feeling what you are. Now what can we do from right now to make something better? Start small and treasure that feeling... life is the journey we can start from this step anew...

  • @jayann Thank you for kind words, they mean a lot❤

  • @tarotnick I have both too, every 6 months I do blood checks to know if I'm on the correct pill dosage, I dunno how old your daughter is, I've been living with this since I was 24, I'm currently almost 43. It is possible to live happy with no fear with this condition, I've been there, if it wasn't for this problem I had and all that came in between, I swear to you that I would be fine.
    But I let the fear took over, did what the docs said instead of what my intuition was saying and stayed put instead of exercising and moving for 9 months while the pills did their work. Now I'm free of meds, something that I knew I would but I don't know or remember how this emboly really started, I just remember that I was tired and with leg pains but I was doing leg exercises (ironic), then one night couldn't breath and was in excruciating pain. My fear/anxiety is due the pain I feel, my anguish not knowing when will this go away.
    I'm getting your daughter will be fine, you are doing an awesome job with her, she will learn how to live with this. I'm getting that she needs some kind of activity that she is into it will do her so good even when she's tired.
    Thank you once more, whish you the best.

  • Hi mariapisces,

    Yes she had it sense she was in 2nd grade, we did the roller coaster of the pills. They work for a while then your body changes and it take a while to readjust. It seems a blur now but each step throws a change and you have to learn to change with it. Know your body and embrace it, she binge watches shows to slow the brain down or binge reads...creates quiet time. She is learning she is empathic, certain energies are drawn to her. She tries to avoid high energy people and is questioning how to block the ones she doesn't want...which adds to her when she is off...all different kinds of lessons to learn. Find that someone or something that you can escape too, this way you can ground yourself...the other thing is to be aware of the signs of when it is beginning. This way you can pull yourself to a safe place. Love who you are... lets the quirks make you special...and the rest you work out.

  • @tarotnick yes she is gifted and she's not just an empath, more will come. I closed myself when I was 14 and was able to live without the gifts til the thyroid kicked in. It's a complete rollercoaster. I've found that meditation/yoga and reiki are very good to calm us down and to direct our energy plus by practicing it she will start to know how to block others/places energies. Introduce her to it, Tibetan bowls sounds are awesome, that will help too, on YouTube you can find it.
    I constantly have the same problem, I often forget to protect myself, now I carry a black turmaline with me, it grounds and helps to keep bad energies away.
    It's all in the mind, I'm doing my work, but missing that person that can help with this journey, to keep me positive and focus. I don't have close friends, I've chosen to walk alone because I end up drained/ disappointed with people. It has been a learning process too.
    Thank you once more

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