• Why are my friends being so unsympathetic to my depression and emotional issues I have had for the past year?

  • Hi Jayann,

    Very sorry you have been having these problems - it must be incredibly difficult for you, especially if you feel you are not being supported.

    Sadly it can be very difficult for some people to relate, if they have not had similar experiences. Therefore, maybe they look at you and your life and go 'look at what they have, and they don't appreciate it' and wonder how you can feel this way.
    This does not make your issues any less real depression spares no-one, but perhaps if they cannot be there for you, you need to find professional help if you are not already seeking it out or there are many social groups now where you can meet up and find people who will understand. Have you tried these?

    Also - and I please don't think I am saying this is your situation, I do not know you, I just speak from personal experience and opinions I have heard. Just exploring all reasons your friends might be this way.
    Are you doing everything you can to help yourself?
    I know that is a hard question, as if you are suffering , just brushing your teeth can be an effort!!! But if you don't want to help yourself or resist help, then maybe others feel they cannot help you. If can be very hard over long periods of time to keep supporting someone, if they don't try and support themselves. Even if it is small steps.

    I hope you find the strength you need to get to a better place, as fabulous as it is to have wonderful people there to help you on your journey, only you can truly help yourself. So please don't let their thought,actions or insensitivity hold you back.

    Best Wishes,


  • @sonastarot ty Sonas for your reply. Yes I know they are trying to help. I have been getting proffesseonal help but the underlying problem cannot be sorted.

  • @jayann as long as you are taking the steps and want the help you are going the right way. It's very very difficult and although you may feel like things will always be dark there is hope and light. Just be patient with yourself and push yourself forward on the days you can.
    Really glad you are getting the professional help you need, but keep in mind support groups. If you feel you need that extra bolster your friends cannot provide it could be helpful for you.

    Sending my thoughts and hope you find some light soon!

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