How to find a relationship with bad health?

  • I have MS fatigue which means that If someone is talking rubbish I get stressed which leads to a relapse with me being unconscious. Therefore my resources (energy) are finite.
    I am attracted to people I feel connected too which starts with the sound of their voice, sentence construction, and depth of knowledge.
    Recently people have been saying to me that I need to meet more people but how can I when wasting my time will result in me being in bed for days afterwards. Also people, who I have meet and I am not attracted too seem always to monopolise my time, causing me stress.
    I am not interested in non personal relationships such as internet relationships. Single clubs do not work as well as courses as I have tried these in the past.
    Loneliness has come to take up residents I really miss stimulating company. I have friends and acquaintances but no one with an invested interested.
    I amso has a bad experience where someone physically attacked me.

    Do how do you find freindship, or relationship with bad health?

    ty for all suggestions.

  • You can try to push past negativity - it will not attract good people to you if you give off bad or doubtful vibes. Expect good things to happen and they will - the same goes for bad things.

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