What is the use of name changing

  • I have to correct the name

    but what is the use of that

    i don't have to write anywhere

    only talked but that also with

    pet name

  • I dont understand what you have written at all. So if you dont get any answer to your question, then that is why.

  • I have heard that changing name can change your fate. because it changes the resonance of the name and the numerology aspect of it. but I really can't say it will work or it always works. I don't believe it and never try it. It is your choice though, if you believe it and want to go through all the trouble. because changing name will have to be done fully, like you have to change your name on legal papers too, driving license etc. it's too much trouble and if you do it just for the sake of changing your fate, I'd say it's not worth it. but do what you feel right. the universe wants to teach you a lesson here, and I'm not going to hold you from learning it. just remember that the universe doesn't teach us the hard way, we choose to not listen and so when it hits, it hits hard.

  • It is the parents who have given the name. But a person who has developed, may have need for another name. A name that fits the soul. In the Bible we sometimes read about that God gave people new names. Abram was named Abraham, meaning "Father of many". Sarai was named Sara. Some of the diciples of Christ were given new names - names given by God. Names that fit their soul or their purpose of life. A name that motivates the soul, a name that simply fits the soul.

    In the process of cleancing the soul, the soul might percieve its name. Even by asking God to show what the real name is, the soul might percieve it.

    So if you feel that you should change your name, there is nothing that hinders you. You are the one to decide, not your parents or anybody else. But you might not be permitted by the authoroties in your country or state. There are rules that hinder us to change names into anything we want - in some states or countries. But the name is for us, not for the world, so that might not be a problem. Or you could just tell people about your new name. Your friends and collegues might use your new name if you explain to them why. That is not illegal, and might even be very good. People might even respect you more by your new name. Since the name you are given by God, or that you feel is your souls true name, corresponds with who you really are. Your life might change a lot from following that feeling about your true name.

  • Tusharbhai, I was told to change my name once and something else about my palm. That's why I understand what you are asking. But I didn't do it. I'm not afraid of hardship and I'm not afraid of the future. I am here to learn and if the universe throws me all the hardship because of my name (which they don't) so be it. life is hard for everyone, doesn't matter your name, race, skin etc. you get what you put into it. what comes around goes around. there is a saying when life throws you lemon, make a lemonade. that's what you have to do.

    you can change anything you want, it's your decision. but it won't change the hardship, because every living being goes through it, why should you be special? changing your name doesn't make you someone else. the universe sees your spirit and its name, not your physical body and any attribute attached to it including your physical name. because in every lifetime your physical name changes anyway, so what's the point going by that?

    even if you know your spirit's name, it's not necessary to change your current name to that of your spirit. because the universe knows it anyway and it knows what lesson you need to learn as years go by. it is then up to you, what you want to do with your life.

    I have a long name : my real name, my baptist name and then I had a cute name I added to my own hahah I even had my nick added to it sometimes. I'm really that crazy 🙂 anyway consider every thing before you go about what you want to do. If it's something your religion or culture wants you to do, well I guess you have no choice. but other than that, it's a simple rule: make a lemonade out of the lemons life throws at you. good luck!

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