Astro Events You Should Keep Your Eye on in 2019

  • Every year brings about new beginnings, opportunities, and challenges -- and 2019 won't be any different! The cosmos is going to bless us with wonderful possibilities, while also putting obstacles in our path that are meant to help us grow and transform. The key to having a successful year is knowing how to work with these energies, so you end up coming out on top.

    That's why we've created a handy chart highlighting all the most influential transits happening throughout the year! Keep reading to learn more about the peaks and pitfalls of 2019...

    0_1545942644049_Major Astro Events 2019.jpg

    See what each of these events means for YOU in this article!

    Which of these are you most excited for? Scared for? Let us know!

  • ty for the information.
    I hope you are in good health
    take care

  • Interesting - nothing to look out for till June then!

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