New to interpreting tarot - requesting assistance!

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    "What does my future hold if I continue on the path I'm on now?"

  • Hi TJRifty,

    I'm not a super pro myself, can you tell me more about this spread? The order, or the intention of each card? E.g past present future?

    Also in love this this deck!

    As a quick overview if you are embarking on something new make sure you keep balance and be patient. Take your next steps carefully and make sure they are well planned out. Don't become scattered (5 of wands) or let other people, or harbored bad feelings hold you back. When you are doing that careful planning, and finding balance make sure that includes your inner happiness and health. There may be some learning and growth, but you have the Key (I love this image) or will find it. Focus on the bigger picture and try to be open minded and willing to take the action needed to make your ideals a reality.
    There is a sense of freedom or something new, but be prepared to do some self work and maybe have to shift the way you see things.

    Are you planning on trying out a new course, job or studying?

    Best Wishes,


  • @sonastarot Hello Sona!

    Thank you for your help!

    The book that came with this deck said that it's a clarity spread with the top card being an overall situation, and the bottom three cards being contributing factors.

    I am planning on changing jobs - but I've been stuck for a few years and unable to make a real decision on a direction in life career wise. I guess my question is an open ended one essentially asking if I just continue doing what I'm doing what might I expect that out come to be?

  • Hi @TJRifty ,

    That's great you are looking for a new job. I definitely still think your reading offered some insight, how did you feel?

    Perhaps you could do a custom spread for yourself if you are seeking more clear guidance. It's always good to remember you are in control of your life, the Tarot don't make things happen - only give insight.

    What about doing a custom career reading - break down your main question, into sub questions,using each card for guidance to find out what you need to need to know.

    Some examples;

    What do I need to do to get my dream job?
    How can I unblock any obstacles in my way?
    What resources can I use to make my career goals a reality?

    For layout - I quite like directional spreads (e.g an arrow) to set your intentions or cards that have structure (pyramid, columns) to give strength and solid foundations to your dreams/goals.

    Hope this helps!


  • I love these cards! This is what they say to me. I'm tuning into your present energy. The top card is speaking from your "soul" Who you are and is aware that you are searching intently right now for your purpose. You are capable of mastering many things, a fast and eager learner. Clever as the crow and as strong in self confidence when mostly in your truth. . Free spirited. Will always be at odds with conforming to others decisions if you feel an inner intuition your good sense is being compromised. Finding your career or job will be more complicated for a person like you. Your present challenge or the key is always in your power. You lose confidence at times when you feel uneasy about not following the others when it doesn't feel right. Like the crow you are likewise the lone wolf. There is nothing wrong with you when you don't fit in. You are powerful. You stay perched on the key to your truth. You have a higher calling. Not a fancy one as much as a spiritual mission with others. You will not always be validated in an ego way but the reward will be real to your sense of fulfillment The card directly underneath validates your higher calling. The power of magic your ability to elevate groups and heal others. Nature is essential to your gift. It is your center buffer speaking to the cards left and right of it. Nature keeps you centered. The chaos on the right represents the earth burdens .You bring healing and spiritual energy to challenging situations. The beautiful butterfly with the eternal balance of infinity is your best is the answer to the chaos. Powerful card! as I said your power is not to be a showy crowns or fancy titles....see the black and white of the wings....simple yet graceful, harmonic. It belongs wherever needed and is not above others yet silently is a powerful wise healing presence. In her center there are those magic stars and perpetual movement. Those like you will see your true gifts. Always strive to put yourself in places were other "gifted" ones recognize you and honor that. Any job you decide must appreciate your gifts....even if it's in a silent way. BLESSINGS!

  • @sonastarot I felt like the way you read the cards definitely did apply some new insight that I hadn't considered. The book that came with this deck doesn't really have anything as specific as things you mentioned which just leaves me wondering what else I should read in order to read the same level of insight in the cards that you did.

    I really like the idea of breaking down the question into smaller sub questions and I was wondering for directional spreads or structural spreads how you garner meaning or significance per each card? Like if I do an arrow - what significance does the placement of each card have in it's position?

    Thank you so much for your time!


  • @blmoon Some of the things that you said really apply to me and hit pretty deeply in terms of how I see myself and my place in the world. I have been searching for a while but I know I could be doing more in terms of trying to reach or execute a purpose. I really liked the meaning that you got from the crow because I really do feel the most confidence when speaking from my own truths. I've found it to be really hard finding a job/career that I want to dedicate myself to after I had a certain experience which, to this day, I still wonder if it was something spiritual or some sort of "episode". A lot of what you wrote hit close to home. I am curious also to how you come across these meanings - it almost seems like you're looking at the picture and just intuitively deciding what and how that picture applies to me and I'm wondering if that's the case or if it's just from your experience and knowledge of the meanings of the cards. I'm also wondering if you have any ideas what those places are where there are other "gifted" ones. I don't and never really have seen myself as "gifted", but the experience I was referring to left me feeling like I had an experience most people never have in their lives. You don't have to read this next part, but I wanted to explain the experience because it was something that I have read other people have experienced in a similar way.

    I have never had an experience like the following since or before, and I was never raised with a religion or a belief system, not to say that I have a religion now, because I don't. Basically I was sitting at home watching a video in the middle of the night when I heard a voice in my head say "I got you". I looked around and no one was there, and immediately after I started to have what felt like the onset of a panic attack. I had previously read that when people have a panic attack they generally think that they're going to die at first, so I told myself that I knew I wasn't going to die. The heart palpitations that I was experiencing continued, but the fear subsided and I began to feel as if there was a beam of some sort, I have usually referred to it as light, coming from above to the crown of my head. I started having ideas come to me which I've likened to a USB drive that wasn't connected to my computer, and I felt feelings of bliss which I've never experienced before and a pulsing feeling of energy going from the crown of my head down to my arms. My first thought was to write the ideas down and that what I was supposed to do was create an art project out of it that was supposed to be like a map with a key, just only using words. I worked on it straight for the next two weeks, and then after that for the next few years. During those two weeks I would go to sleep at 2-3am, and wake up at 5-6am feeling completely energized and inspired. I lost 15 pounds because it felt like I could use the energy that I felt like I was getting from the inspiration to curb my hunger, and so I ate a lot less. I didn't have a job at this time so I was able to work on the project morning to night, and throughout I continued to have feelings of bliss. When I did go out during that time I would think about the art project relentlessly and I would hear songs, see billboards or logos, or see movies that would directly relate to a thought or idea that I was having either at the same time, or right after. I had a day where I cried from happiness when I had a couple ideas for lines to put in the art project come to me, and it was because I thought to myself that I could die right then and relive my whole life over again just to experience that same moment. I've been continuing to work on the project for the last 4 years and always feel same level of inspiration and passion that I feel working on it when I talk about it. Those two weeks changed my personality, and I have been different ever since. I live more compassionately and am more empathetic when it comes to strangers. However, I've only shown the art project to people who are in my life, and I don't show it to everyone. This is what has kept me from being able to decide on a career, because I almost feel like I am failing in my life purpose by not showing more people and by not talking about it. Thank you for reading if you got this far!

  • @tjrifty
    I was thinking about you! I read your cards and connected to your energy. The message you received was guided for you. I do have some knowledge of card meanings but read mostly psychically. I am a psychic medium and a healer. I also am a Poet artist musician and enjoyed your sharing of your creative experience of being in the flow. I very much as well love that place yet it can be isolating and to people who are not creators it can look very odd. It was a struggle early on for me to fit in a world that seems to demand adult order and responsibility. Before I published my first book of poetry I was juggling a family and the inspired drive to write. When in the deep thick of a poem everything else in life was hard to focus on. I would write all night and as I ran errands poem lines were in my head! I also was irresponsible at times and let business slip! At the time I had the support of other writers or I think I would of let my writing go. I was blessed to meet many already famous writers along the way and had a lot of guidance. Of course I made the choice to reach out and follow that guided path. Many times I had doubts about my gifts. The early foundation of being a creator is mostly fueled by faith and lots of hard work. Validation does not always come. I would win an award or get a poem published and despite the excitement it wears off fast as a good Christmas! I really dove into the world of Creating and searched for answers. If I attended a Poets reading and was truly moved by their work I would approach them and give them an honest reaction. If they were friendly I asked questions. Often I found out they were a lot like me and mostly they would give me their address or e-mail. I so wanted that confidence they exuded on the beautifully they read. I remember the first time I asked a famous poet how did they manage reading so well without being nervous. That poet laughed! They said before they go on stage they are terrified! OMG! Despite all the creative writing classes I was taking at the time no one teaches you that. The poet says that to be aware on stage that no one can see inside you. If your hand shakes...put it behind you. If you flub a and correct and keep on rolling. Be aware you have done this well and that is always a faithful expectation. The audience only gets uncomfortable with another's discomfort. If you are ok with it the audience is. I spent many years involved in artistic projects and learning. I also learned not to share with non creators as they usually do not put much value on poetry or artistic projects. They ask what do you do? If you say you are a poet their reaction often is oh that's nice or wow how much money have you made on your poems published! ? Making a living as any kind of artist is rough. In fact the whole process of creating demands not considering acceptance by an imagined can taint your unique voice or vision. I spent years sorting out the politics of creating. In the end after searching for some magic formula to it all what I found is once you master the craft the creative process is a very solitary thing and you are very alone with yourself and must follow the MUSE. Your muse. As for card reading, I have a few decks I read from depending on my questions...though mostly people ask the wrong questions. The cards do not have any magic in them. They are a language spirit uses to speak. There is no right or wrong way to pick. In fact most card instructions encourage to follow your intuitions. Tarot tends to be more structured but still it's not the cards speaking with card power but spirit speaking. I prefer Cards made by Doreen Virtue. Fairie cards are my favorite as well as ARCHANGEL MICHAEL cards. I shuffle till I feel the stop vibe then I read the top and bottom cards...this is MY choice that works for me. These cards do have a book with messages attached. Much later I was urged to use Angel cards which only have a picture and one word. I wanted more but felt the urge to use my psychic gift more as those cards encourage you to use your own inner guidance when picking the card. I resisted at times but now I start my day with an Angel card. And it indeed did hone my psychic ability to read cards psychically and hear the message directly. . Your card pull spoke to me! I can relate very much to their message. BLESSINGS!

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