New to interpreting tarot - requesting assistance!

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    "What does my future hold if I continue on the path I'm on now?"

  • Hi TJRifty,

    I'm not a super pro myself, can you tell me more about this spread? The order, or the intention of each card? E.g past present future?

    Also in love this this deck!

    As a quick overview if you are embarking on something new make sure you keep balance and be patient. Take your next steps carefully and make sure they are well planned out. Don't become scattered (5 of wands) or let other people, or harbored bad feelings hold you back. When you are doing that careful planning, and finding balance make sure that includes your inner happiness and health. There may be some learning and growth, but you have the Key (I love this image) or will find it. Focus on the bigger picture and try to be open minded and willing to take the action needed to make your ideals a reality.
    There is a sense of freedom or something new, but be prepared to do some self work and maybe have to shift the way you see things.

    Are you planning on trying out a new course, job or studying?

    Best Wishes,


  • @sonastarot Hello Sona!

    Thank you for your help!

    The book that came with this deck said that it's a clarity spread with the top card being an overall situation, and the bottom three cards being contributing factors.

    I am planning on changing jobs - but I've been stuck for a few years and unable to make a real decision on a direction in life career wise. I guess my question is an open ended one essentially asking if I just continue doing what I'm doing what might I expect that out come to be?

  • Hi @TJRifty ,

    That's great you are looking for a new job. I definitely still think your reading offered some insight, how did you feel?

    Perhaps you could do a custom spread for yourself if you are seeking more clear guidance. It's always good to remember you are in control of your life, the Tarot don't make things happen - only give insight.

    What about doing a custom career reading - break down your main question, into sub questions,using each card for guidance to find out what you need to need to know.

    Some examples;

    What do I need to do to get my dream job?
    How can I unblock any obstacles in my way?
    What resources can I use to make my career goals a reality?

    For layout - I quite like directional spreads (e.g an arrow) to set your intentions or cards that have structure (pyramid, columns) to give strength and solid foundations to your dreams/goals.

    Hope this helps!


  • I love these cards! This is what they say to me. I'm tuning into your present energy. The top card is speaking from your "soul" Who you are and is aware that you are searching intently right now for your purpose. You are capable of mastering many things, a fast and eager learner. Clever as the crow and as strong in self confidence when mostly in your truth. . Free spirited. Will always be at odds with conforming to others decisions if you feel an inner intuition your good sense is being compromised. Finding your career or job will be more complicated for a person like you. Your present challenge or the key is always in your power. You lose confidence at times when you feel uneasy about not following the others when it doesn't feel right. Like the crow you are likewise the lone wolf. There is nothing wrong with you when you don't fit in. You are powerful. You stay perched on the key to your truth. You have a higher calling. Not a fancy one as much as a spiritual mission with others. You will not always be validated in an ego way but the reward will be real to your sense of fulfillment The card directly underneath validates your higher calling. The power of magic your ability to elevate groups and heal others. Nature is essential to your gift. It is your center buffer speaking to the cards left and right of it. Nature keeps you centered. The chaos on the right represents the earth burdens .You bring healing and spiritual energy to challenging situations. The beautiful butterfly with the eternal balance of infinity is your best is the answer to the chaos. Powerful card! as I said your power is not to be a showy crowns or fancy titles....see the black and white of the wings....simple yet graceful, harmonic. It belongs wherever needed and is not above others yet silently is a powerful wise healing presence. In her center there are those magic stars and perpetual movement. Those like you will see your true gifts. Always strive to put yourself in places were other "gifted" ones recognize you and honor that. Any job you decide must appreciate your gifts....even if it's in a silent way. BLESSINGS!