Will SJ and I get back together and what do I need to know about it?

  • ok I am trying to het a reading.
    5 cards
    you - the moon - I must relax and wait for SJ to make the next move
    your loved one - 5 of cups - action to be taken to change past patterns therefore look at potential for the future
    the challenge - queen of pentacles - harmonise what I want and what is currently possible,
    the solutions - king of swords - do not understand this at all
    the future - the heirophant - ork on the relationship if it happns

    love and me - 3 of pentacles -
    situation - 3 of wands
    challenge - ace of cups

    does tarot readings have a set time period such present with in the day or week and future bein with in the month.

  • Hello Jayann,

    There are lots of different ways of timing the cards.

    If you have a done a 'Week ahead' or 'Year ahead' the timing is very clear.

    Otherwise, Do you have a book to go with these cards so you can see the intention of them by the designer/writer - or think about the suits yourself and how you view them. E.g Wands - Spring - Weeks, Cups - Summer - Months....

    You can then look at the last minor card or the overriding suit which has appeared as use those.

    So for you it could be Ace of Cups - 1 Month or Summertime.

    You can easily find these references on line.

    You can also use numerology and astrology to time the reading - but I'm not as clear on this so can't offer much input sorry.

    Many Thanks,


  • @sonastarot ty for the reply
    I do not understand tarot but have been trying to understand what it available. This includes using the spreads and information from Tarot.com.

  • @jayann yes it's a lot of information! But don't be afraid to use your own interpretations and insight. As long as you set your intentions clearly , maybe even write things down, look back at what happened after you drew those cards, as you go along so you can refer back, you might find meanings will start to jump out at you.

    The reason with timing I was saying to set your own guides...is online and in books there are different meanings. So you can find one which resonates most with you and go with that. It might even be different in every deck depending on the imagery.

  • I pulled 3 of my Angel Answers oracle cards this is what I got.,. Easy peezy lol

    1. Meditation brings answers... Meditate on questions u may ask yourself as well as trying to figure things out hmmmm like reading tarot cards lol..2. Communicate Clearly Maybe you need or both of you need to communicate better with each other wants and needs likes and dislikes this creates greater understanding 3.in the near FUTURE.. Don’t be so focused on what month what day what time this will clutter ur thoughts let it flow naturally... Hope this helpsπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ§šπŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸ’« he might be hurting or going thru something so that’s why taking longer.. try to communicate with him show him another side of U.. Wishing you both the very best!!!!!!

  • @moonraizsunset
    ty for the reading. It is very interesting. I will try doing what you suggested. all the best for you as well.☺

    He said get lost.
    I will comply with his suggestion.
    That is love.

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