North Node in Leo or Cancer?

  • This is driving me a little crazy and I hope someone can help. Until today I thought my North Node was in cancer, since that’s what my reports from tarot dot com say. But when I look on newer sites (I got my first tarot dot com report 16 years ago!) the newer sites say my North Node is in Leo. Help! That’s a huge difference.

    Is the difference here actually True node vs Mean Node? How do I know which is which since it’s not specified?

    In terms of how it applies to my life, I really “need” for my North Node to be in Cancer, soul/karma-wise. South Node in Capricorn fits me to a T (and it’s in the sixth house so even better) and is something I really struggle with moving past.

    If North Node is actually in Leo it makes very little sense and I don’t see how being more Leo would help me evolve when emotional expression is a main issue in my life. I’m very Leo already (Leo rising with Mars in Leo, Moon & Venus square and Jupiter and Saturn sextile).

    Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

  • Cancer,The north and south nodes carry information regarding purpose. The south node is an indicator of knowledge we hold, perhaps from a previous life, and the north node indicates where we can express that knowledge.

  • What is your date of birth?

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