I amlooking for tarot reading.

  • I am looking for tarot reading.

  • I think you need some more information such as a closed (yes and no answer) question.
    then maybe the following will help you people might help.
    @TarotNick , @jessanh and or @ddude.

  • Hi Guruamit,

    Here is what I picked up on,

    You are feeling impatient, something about all the work done and you are not seeing what you think should have happened.
    The outcome is not what you wanted...a feeling of disappointment.
    It is important to be fair even though you don't think it was fair. Be the good one.
    The older guy is not being honest, but he is good at what he does...caution around him.
    Things will turn, a small smile is coming.
    Don't lose hope, that smile is coming, be open for it.
    A desire for change, figure out why you are feeling restless.
    Someone with a lot of energy, he can be nice and then turn suddenly and be different so you are not sure.
    There are things you have to overcome...battle through.
    Too much of something brings some pain...be moderate.
    The pain may feel like a win but you both lose. Don't be full of yourself... look at it from both sides.
    Hope that helps,

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