Please help me interpret this reading

  • Hello,

    I did a tarot reading with arthurian cards today, my signifier is the Queen of Spears. I asked the cards to give me insight into a relationship, which is currently platonic but could be more. I just want insight into where the relationship is likely to go and any guidance I might need along the way. Here it is:

    1. Judgement (reversed)

    2. Universe

    3. Queen of Cups

    4. 2 of Cups

    5. 8 of Swords (reversed)

    6. 2 of Swords

    7. 4 of Cups

    8. Knight of Cups(reversed)

    9. Hanged Man

    10. The Lovers

    I haven't taken the time to interpret the cards just yet but I can tell you I had a strong reaction when I saw them, in fact it made me cry and I don't know why. I think this reading is a lot stronger than I had expected and it took me by suprise.

    I would really appreciate the help.

  • I forgot to mention that this was a celtic cross reading

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