A past relationship: 5 of Swords reversed, followed with The Lovers

  • So I'm pretty new to tarot reading. But I try to base my readings off of feeling that card I pick.

    So I have had dream of my ex recently. I did a reading on what does this mean to do with him?
    I picked 5 of swords reversed, but still felt something missing
    So I drew another card feeling this one strong, and it was the lovers upright

    I have pulled the lovers upright twice in a row while I dated him, and now again a year post breakup. With these cards together what does that mean? I dont want to miss read and get excited. Or are my emotions reflecting in these cards and I want to hear that, but it may not be true with him?

    I'd love an opinion!!
    Thank you so much!

  • @em07 The 5 of swords reversed is an indication that you are holding onto the past. Your dream was also a message to you that there is something with this relationship that you need to resolve in order to move on. I would not take the Lovers card as a sign that he is coming back to you. It could indicate that he is in another relationship. If there has been no contact in a year then you should focus on healing and letting go.

  • @em07 Darn this forum is going to turn me into a Love reader. 😗

    I'm with Watergirl18 on this one. However, I'm gonna slam the brakes on for a moment. I just want to point out the obvious - food for thought.

    So the reversed 5 of Swords didn't tell you anything you didn't already know. It caught your attention, just like the dream caught your attention . . .

    So then you pulled another card.
    THE LOVERS ! ! !

    So let me get this straight. This is the third time you've pulled this Major Arcane card and all you can think about is him? Not once have you thought about what's best for you or your future - am I correct?

    This is the Card that wants your attention. This is the card that wants you to focus on you.

    My advise is forget about the obvious, forget about him, shuffle those cards and listen to what The Lovers is really trying to tell you..

    Good luck girl